Holotape - Psycho

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Holotape - Psycho
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Holotape - Psycho is a holodisk found in Doctor Adami's tent in the Anchorage Reclamation simulation's U.S. Army field headquarters.



Physician's Log, Doctor Adrienn Adami, United States Army, Anchorage, Alaska forward base.

Considering what's at stake, General Chase and I both feel the chem codenamed "Psycho" can be of significant use during this operation.

I've read the early clinical trials, and there are certainly some possible side effects -- dementia, psychotic aggression. And of course addiction.

But the adverse effects seem limited. Okay, I do realize the chem was developed by Chase's R&D division, but if the thing works it works.

Can we really afford to be picky at this point? Some of these groundpounders have family in Anchorage. I'll give them any boost I damn well can.

I just hope my Hippocratic Oath is still speaking to me when this whole mess is over with...

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