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For an overview of holograms in the Fallout universe, see Hologram.
FOBoSLogoThe following is based on Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Holograms are a means of communications in the Vault prototype and in the Secret Vault in 2208.


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Holograms were an advanced experimental technology before the Great War, and never achieved the same level of prominence as other forms of technology. Due to the enormous energy requirements for projecting holograms, as well as the cost of materials and manufacturing, holograms were largely unseen by the public eye, existing primarily in top-secret research labs and military facilities.

It is believed that hologram technology originally stemmed from Stealth Boy research, in a scientific drive to match Chinese stealth suit technology. One of the earliest hologram prototypes was developed sometime before the Great War at the request of Frederick Sinclair for his project, the Sierra Madre Casino. Under the name "Hologram Project", they were created in Big MT by the Big MT company at the Z-38 lightwave dynamics research facility using an enormous laser array. The initial research and development was a success, creating 3-D human figures, including a replica of Sinclair's love, Vera Keyes.

Sinclair wanted to take the project one step further: creating holograms with defensive capabilities. Big MT refused due to the cost of such an endeavor. Sinclair then turned to National Electric, who signed an exclusive contract with Sinclair to create. Working from technology already developed in Big MT, they succeeded, creating holographic security guards that could patrol restricted areas and attack intruders via laser beams. Due to the intensive energy requirements, holograms were linked with a nearby hologram emitter, allowing them only a limited area of travel.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

The player completes the tutorial in the vault prototype guided by a Brotherhood of Steel paladin hologram.