As decades passed, what had been the American southwest united beneath the flag of the New California Republic, dedicated to old-world values of democracy and the rule of law. As the Republic grew, so did its needs. Scouts spread east, seeking territory and wealth in the dry and merciless expanse of the Mojave desert.

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The current flag of the NCR

Fo2 NCR Flag

The flag of the NCR in 2241, featuring a two-headed bear.

The New California Republic was born out of the remnants of the survivors of Vault 15, a sister vault to Vault 13 that opened earlier and released its occupants out onto the wasteland. Abandoning their vault (after scavenging most of what they could from the surviving technology and collapsed lower levels), the former residents of Vault 15 founded the small walled farming community of Shady Sands, a town midway between Vault 13 and 15. In 2161, the community was led by Aradesh.

Rule Under Tandi and Enclave ConflictEdit

Securing the SouthEdit

Following the rescuing of Tandi by the Vault Dweller, the village of Shady Sands began to grow and became an economic power within New California. They would soon replace the Hub as the most influential area and in 2186 the New California Republic was formed and Shady Sands was renamed NCR. The ideals of the NCR would spread over New California very quickly, with their morals representing that of the old world. By 2189 they would already consist of their first five states and would become aware of the Brotherhood of Steel. These states were Shady Sands, Maxson, Hub, Los Angeles and Dayglow.

In 2196, the first president of the NCR, Aradesh, would die. In response, the council of the NCR would unanimously elect his daughter, Tandi, as the nation's second president. By 2241, the city of Junktown would join the NCR state of Shady Sands. Also around this time, the NCR's vast supply of brahmin would be key in the growing world of economics. This would give them meat for food, leather for clothing and force competition with other growing states such as San Francisco and Vault City.

In 2241, the NCR would face problems from the New Khans, run a propaganda campaign against Vault City and aim to annex the squatter town that had taken up residence out of the ruins of their old vault, Vault 15. Hired by Tandi, the Chosen One, would act as an agent of the NCR and wipe out the New Khans, allowing the NCR to annex Vault 15.

The EnclaveEdit

While the NCR's holdings in the north would make them aware of the Enclave, initially they would take no action against them. Their then-allies, the Brotherhood of Steel, were not friendly towards the Enclave, and thus the NCR would remain pacifistic towards them for several years. Eventually, in 2246, the NCR would attack with the Brotherhood and eradicate the presence of the Enclave in what became the NCR-Enclave War. The NCR would take little from Navarro other than technology they could not understand and leave the Oil Rig and the main base abandoned. The NCR would continue their war on raiders, nearly eradicating the presence of the Vipers, Jackals and whatever was left of the Khans. The three raiding groups would then flee to the Mojave Wasteland.

Following 2242 and during the NCR-Enclave War, the Brotherhood of Steel relations with the NCR would begin to sour. They would continue their xenophobic nature to the point that during the NCR's initial movements in their war on raiders, they would refuse to cooperate with the NCR and sometimes attack them outright.

In 2248, Tandi dies at the old age of one hundred and three, leaving Joanna Tibbett to take over as the third president of the NCR. The remnants of the Enclave would hide within the NCR and the Brotherhood of Steel, but many would be arrested for war crimes. They would eventually push further out and leave NCR territory for the Mojave Wasteland in 2253. Chasing both the Enclave and the three raider tribes, the NCR would push their scouts towards the Mojave Wasteland. Thirty-eight NCR citizens, most likely all scouts, would be massacred by the raiders in the Mojave, further pushing the enmity between the Khans and the NCR.

The massacre would result in Joanna Tibbet in being voted out of the office of president and being replaced by Wendell Peterson. The Enclave would largely be forgotten by the NCR whose main focus appeared to be the raiders of the Mojave. Unknown to the NCR, Mr. House had realized their presence and would begin the process of rebuilding New Vegas using the securitrons with the help of the Three Families. Peterson would dispatch three battalions of NCR infantry to the Mojave Wasteland.

Economic TroublesEdit

Gametitle-VBThe following is based on Van Buren and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

By the time of the NCR-Enclave conflicts, the economy of the New California Republic was struggling to pay its workers. Porter, as foreman of his mining team, the 370, became increasingly concerned over the likelihood of being able to pay his workers. He decided to take the extreme measure of rallying them together to raid the NCR Storehouse and Bank.

Porter led the 370 team to the Storehouse and Bank, where they set explosives and blew the vault open. Before the money could be taken, officers of the NCR swiftly appeared on the scene, thanks to D.C. Lowery tipping off Lt. Gov Dodge out of the fear he would not be paid either way. The 370 team workers were subdued and arrested.

After their arrest, the members of the 370 team faced the threat of torture and branding in the NCR prison system. In 2249, Lt. Gov. Dodge, under the impression Porter knew where the money was, organized a breakout for his team in hopes that Porter would loop around and attempt to recover the money. It only resulted in another worker team, the 308, escaping.

Despite the 370 team not actually taking the money, it was left vulnerable. It still disappeared from the vault, totally ruining the chances of economic recovery. The civilization that was NCR entered a slow death.

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From that point onward, the New California Republic faced severe economic troubles that would shake the entire government to its core. The economy had only worsened as decades went by.

By 2281, NCR currency was no longer backed by gold, after the Brotherhood of Steel destroyed NCR's gold reserves. The NCR dollar still has value due to the use of commodity rare metals. Due to the elimination of the gold reserves, the money has become devalued, with a hundred-dollar bill coming out to around 40 bottle caps rather than its face value, even in NCR territory or shops. This means that the exchange rate for NCR Currency to Bottle Caps is about 1 Bottle Cap to 2.5 NCR Dollars.

Entering the Mojave; Various WarsEdit

New Vegas TreatyEdit

NCR poster

For your country's sake today. For your own sake tomorrow. - NCR propaganda poster

In 2253 the NCR arrived in the Mojave Wasteland. Later that same year Mojave raiders massacred 38 NCR citizens. The NCR learned of the presence of the Great Khans in the Mojave in 2267. By 2270, the NCR made a name for themselves in the new wasteland, "pacifying" it by killing all of the tribes around Bullhead City. The NCR steadily increased their power in the Mojave in the following years. In 2271, the Ranger Unification Treaty was signed, allowing more NCR citizens to move into the Mojave and for the NCR to establish the Mojave Outpost in 2272. Simultaneously, relations with the Brotherhood of Steel, an ally in the past, disintegrated into war, greatly disrupting the balance of power in New California. Though the Brotherhood would have the advantage initially due to their greater technology and skills with weaponry, the NCR was able to bounce back in the war due to their greater numbers. However, NCR and Brotherhood relations in the Mojave remained neutral for the time being.

The NCR encountered Caesar's Legion for the first time in 2273, with Sterling being tortured by Caesar's Legionaries, Aaron Kimball would become president later that year. However, the Republic, preferring to focus on the Brotherhood of Steel and the Mojave, remained ignorant of Edward Sallow, ignoring the growing legion.

Military ConflictsEdit

The NCR scouts achieved success in the Mojave by finally reaching Hoover Dam in 2274. Piquing the interest of Mr. House, the latter reactivated New Vegas and sent out some of his forces to Hoover Dam. When NCR forces arrive at the ruins of Las Vegas, they are able to return home with stories of a city of lights. The two factions would parley, coming to the resolution that allowed the NCR to control Hoover Dam and exert 5 % of its power to New Vegas, which was to be rightfully owned by Mr. House and the Three Families. This resolution was chartered under the New Vegas treaty. Soon after, the NCR converted the old McCarran International Airport into the Army base Camp McCarran; the process was completed in 2275. That same year, conflict finally began with Mojave Brotherhood of Steel. While combat continued in New California, the NCR uncovered the Mojave Brotherhood of Steel's base to be at HELIOS One. The NCR cut ties with the Followers of the Apocalypse and founded their own Office of Science and Industry.

During the year, the NCR also become aware of Caesar's Legion, becoming apparent of their growing forces along the Colorado River. The Brotherhood launched a strike on the NCR's gold deposits, ambushing and destroying them. For that reason, expecting war with the Legion, the NCR decided to deal a crushing blow to the Mojave Brotherhood in 2276 via Operation: Sunburst. By taking over HELIOS one, the NCR was unsure if their war with the Brotherhood in the Mojave was truly finished. For the next five years the NCR kept a steady watch over Brotherhood activities, well aware of their continued presence in the Mojave.


NCR encampment near Primm


NCR Elite Ranger as shown in New Vegas

The very next year, 2277, Caesar's Legion attacked the NCR in what would be known as the First Battle of Hoover Dam. Though the NCR won the battle through strategy and pure luck, it was a pyrrhic victory as they too would be weakened. The NCR was severely disadvantaged, losing control of half the dam and expecting a second battle to take place. The war with the Brotherhood began to show its aftermath as the NCR's gold-backed currency began to lose its value. The NCR, in effect, was forced to lease electricity and fresh water to the Strip and other communities in the Mojave to maintain their position in the wasteland. In 2278, the NCR carried out the Bitter Springs Massacre against the Great Khans, a decision made to ensure that no raiders attacked them in their weakened position. The massacre and a subsequent battle at Red Rock Canyon finally bringing an end to their longstanding war with the Khans. The event was blacked out from the NCR's press in an event of media censorship.

By 2281, the NCR, took more of an expansionist role. Tension in relations with many factions in the Mojave Wasteland increased due to this new attitude. The Legion, under Legate Lanius, was gaining power and numbers again and got many to believe that it was stronger than the NCR. Once again growing wary of the Great Khans, the NCR set up a base near the Khans, occasionally sending scouts to the area. They would not engage in conflict, with the NCR aiming to maintain the ceasefire. In New Vegas, the NCR would also begin to grow reckless and aim to seize more power from the Three Families and Mr. House.

The NCR, aiming to increase their presence in the Nevada, would spend most of the year rebuilding the South Nevada Correctional Facility, which they would rename the NCR Correctional Facility. The NCR would initially use the convicts in the facility to rebuild the train tracks located near the highway. When the Legion returned, they recalled many of their soldiers to the Colorado River. This would prove to be costly and the convicts overthrew the remaining soldiers and took control of the facility. Taking the name Powder Gangers, they would constantly become a thorn in the side of the NCR. The NCR would remain ignorant of the Powder Gangers, though they would plan a recapture of the correctional facility.

A major blow to the NCR saw Nipton razed to the ground by the Legion. Led by Vulpes Inculta, a group of Legion troops set a trap for NCR troopers and Powder Gangers in Nipton. To show the town's apparent corruption, Vulpes Inculta staged a lottery where only the individual holding the winning ticket would be spared. Following this, the remaining residents were either killed, crucified or taken as slaves. The mayor of Nipton, who had attempted to sell out the NCR troops and Powder Gangers so he could gain a large sum of caps, was burned alive. This atrocity was soon followed by other setbacks for the NCR. Soon after, they would lose their presence on the east side of the Colorado River after losing to the Legion in the Battle of Willow Beach and the Battle of Arizona Spillway. The Legion would then begin to take land on the west side of the river from the NCR, by obliterating the camp Nelson and flash-incinerating Camp Searchlight with a nuclear device to transform survivors into feral ghouls.

This would put the morale of the NCR soldiers, led by Lee Oliver, at an all time low and put desertion rates in the NCR Army at an all time high. The main camp on the front lines is Forlorn Hope, which is full of depressed, constantly embattled soldiers. They are holding a defensive line across the Colorado River and preparing for the upcoming battle on the Hoover Dam that could decide the fate of the entire area. NCR forces are spread far too thin across the front to prevent the Legion from crossing the river, as illustrated by the attacks on Nipton and Ranger Station Charlie.

The NCR's main goal in the war with the Legion is to annex New Vegas by wresting it from Mr. House. This is to get them a more tactical advantage over the Legion, however, due to the Legion having had gained many territorial positions on the west side of the Colorado River, the NCR is unable to do so. This is because annexing New Vegas will require troops, many of whom will not guard various NCR outposts in the Mojave at a possible annexation and Mr. House's Securitron armies, even at Mark I, would leave the NCR army injured enough to allow a takeover by Caesar. The NCR is also overly cautious of Mr. House, as he aims to upgrade his Securitrons to the Mark II OS, something that will put the NCR at a serious disadvantage in a possible war as the sheer force would likely wipe out NCR control in the Mojave.