Nothing can stop a Highwayman.

— Highwayman's slogan

Highwayman was a car model manufactured by Chryslus Motors in the pre-War United States.


An American icon, the Chryslus Motors Highwayman was once renowned for its high performance and durability. "Nothing can stop a Highwayman" was a phrase familiar to most drivers. The motto still holds true today.

The Highwayman appears to be one of the few cars produced after fossil fuels began to run low in the mid-twenty first century, relying instead on microfusion cells or small energy cells.

Towns in the post-apocalyptic world don't allow motor vehicles on their streets, citing something about aged fuel cells exploding. The Highwayman has to be parked on the outskirts of town.[1]


The Highwayman uses an electric motor that can be charged with either microfusion cells or small energy cells. It has a sizable trunk, a fuel cell controller and spacious interior able to accommodate at least seven people, even the tallest of people (including at least one super mutant, robobrain and deathclaw in the same group).

Fallout 2Edit

The Highwayman is the only working vehicle usable by the Chosen One in Fallout 2. It supports a large group, from Marcus to Skynet. That particular Highwayman can be found in the Den. Its missing part, the fuel cell controller, could be found in Gecko.

The battery can be charged with either microfusion or small energy cells. A full pack of SEC (40) charges it up 20%, a full pack of MFC (50) charges it up 50%. To refuel the car, hover the "interaction" cursor over the Highwayman, use the "bag" icon from the drop-down menu and choose the respective energy cells. The Highwayman has also a trunk where items can be stored, with a sizable 22-cubic feet capacity.


It can be upgraded throughout the game with several items:


  • Leaving the Highwayman on the open map after a random encounter will make the car disappear forever, meaning it cannot be found again.
    • Entering a cave after a random encounter, and leaving the cave by any other exit than the one first entered will also result in the car vanishing forever.
  • In the Bridge Keeper special encounter, the Highwayman ends up all the way on the other side of the bridge.
  • The Highwayman can be stolen if left in New Reno. It can then be retrieved by visiting the Chop Shop, which is where the Highwayman ends up.
  • The trunk upgrade also upgrades the speed.

Behind the scenesEdit


  • In towns (e.g. New Reno), the trunk can be separated from the Highwayman and is located in different sections of town. [verified]
  • Getting the fuel cell regulator before getting the quest can cause it to disappear.[verification needed]



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