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Two major routes lead into the city of New Vegas from the south: Interstate 15 and Highway 95.

Fallout: New Vegas loading screen

Highway 95 (or Route 95) is an old freeway in the Mojave Wasteland.


Highway 95 runs north to south through New Vegas, and winds around hills and small towns. It enters the Mojave Wasteland from the northwest, starting at a radioactive roadblock west of Brooks Tumbleweed Ranch and north of the Followers Safehouse.

Behind it is a blockage consisting of a number of stacked cars. Upon closer inspection, graffiti on the cars reads "Joshua Graham Lives," "The Burned Man Walks," and "Where's New Canaan, Anyway?" There is a campfire to the front of the road block.

The road then passes through Freeside and rises into an elevated freeway over New Vegas, returning to ground level by Grub n' Gulp Rest Stop. Continuing on, it intersects with Highway 93 at the 188 Trading Post. Further along the route it passes HELIOS One and Novac. Finally, it passes through Camp Searchlight and exits the Mojave Wasteland at Searchlight Airport, in a collapsed tunnel underneath the remains of the runway tarmac.

Highway 95 is a safer route to take to New Vegas than the shorter I-15, which has become infested with deathclaws.


Highway 95 appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Highway 95 is the real-life U.S. Route 95.
  • Although it was speculated to be a DLC entry point, the northeast roadblock is only a map ending point.[1]



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