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Higgs Village is a location in Big MT.


Higgs Village was where the Big MT executives in The Think Tank lived while they were still human. Each of the six houses are designated with a number, one for each executive.


There are a total of six houses that all surround a central fountain. It should be noted that the layout of Higgs Village is very similar to Tranquility Lane in Fallout 3.

House #00

Upon entering, there is a Securitron Mk I on the left with scrap metal and electronics found around it. Upstairs is another Securitron with additional scrap. Just before entering the room furthest to the left, turn right and look at the lower shelf on the computer equipment to find the Recipes - Repair skill book. In the left room, on top of a computer terminal is the Audio Sample - Giant Tarantula. On top of the house are two syringes of Med-X and one stimpak; the roof can be reached by jumping from the catwalk surrounding the village onto the roof. This house belonged to Dr. 0, as evidenced by the house number and the large number of broken robots strewn about. The same portrait of Mr. House seen at the House Resort is in the kitchen with knives stabbed through Mr. House's head, groin, and heart.

House #101

To the left side of the building is a dead shrub with a Nuka-Cola Victory hidden under it. Inside appears to be a party house with a bar to the right side of the entrance. Upstairs in the bathroom is a first aid box and two Mentats on the shelf to the left. The middle room contains the Sink Project: Book Chute holodisk and Dr. Klein's glove on the shelf to the right of the door. Upon entering the bedroom is a wardrobe on the right with Dr. Klein's scrubs on it. In the bedroom you will also find a tin of Mentats and a bottle of Wine. Due to the glove and the scrubs this house is obviously owned by Dr. Klein.

House #102

Inside, computer monitors and equipment litter this house. Recipes - Science skill book is located upstairs on the right as you enter the bedroom, along with tins of Mentats. Next to the desk just outside of the bedroom are two more tins of Mentats. There is an ice cold Nuka-Cola in the kitchen on the floor next to a bucket just to the right of the door. Behind the house is a wooden crate next to the picnic table and metal crates in the corner to your left with random loot inside. On the picnic table there is another skeleton and two bottles of beer. On the roof is a skeleton sitting on a chair with two beers, a "Big MT" metal crate and an (Average) locked footlocker (accessible by jumping roof to roof from the entrance). This house is presumed to have been owned by Mobius as he has a Mentat addiction and there is a large amount inside. Another little hint that this house was owned by Mobius is the two monitors to the left when you first enter the house, the left monitor is dirty and broken while the right one is fresh and new, not unlike Mobius' own eye monitors.

House #103

In the backyard is a rocket play set with a Nuka-Cola Quartz inside, as well as a dog house to the right of it for a dog named Gabe. With the Wild Wasteland trait, the Courier will encounter a mini deathclaw named Stripe here. To the right, behind the house is a skeleton with two Mentats lying next to it.

Inside there is a multitude of empty birdcages. Upstairs in the bedroom on the floor is a knife stuck into a piece of paper with "Dad" written on it. On the perch in the green cage on the desk is a key for Borous' basement. Recipes - Medicine Skill Book can also be found on the desk. Heading downstairs towards the kitchen is the basement door with a hard lock on it. In front of the basement door, lying on the floor is a ton of Mentats.

Either by picking the lock or using the key, head down. Upon entering you see a gruesome sight. It appears that Dr. Borous liked to dissect animals and stab things into the faces and bodies of teddy bears. Inside one of the locked cages is a teddy bear with butter knives stuck into it. On the shelf in the back there is a Ripper.

House #104

Upstairs, teddy bears sit in for spectators in this sexually charged, fashion-centric house, complete with broken mirrors, mannequins and cameras. The hallway is transformed into a runway stage with teddy bears as the audience. The bedroom features a similar theme, with more standing mirrors, a canopy bed with 3 floor to ceiling poles and a variety of costumes.

In that hall, on top of the radio, find the Speech skill book holotape. In the bedroom, there are lots of pre-War clothes including sexy sleepwear. Downstairs in the kitchen are seven bottles of wine.

Behind the house are stairs to a catwalk. On the catwalk there are multiple containers to search. There is also a duffle bag on the roof wedged against the tree containing a number of chems and alcohol. Due to her obsession with teddy bears and human anatomy, this house is likely to have belonged to Dr. Dala.

House # 108

The kitchen has an amusing sight of eight coffee mugs and plates precisely lined up in what appears to be the work of obsessive compulsion. Upstairs in the office, you will find the Sink Project: Jukebox holodisk on top of some paperwork on the desk, which is needed for the All My Friends Have Off Switches. In the (Hard) locked suitcase under the bed is some pre-War money and an Audio Sample - Opera Singer holodisk on the night stand.

Almost unique in all of the Mojave, you can hear what appears to be the sound of a pendulum clock ticking, suggesting this house might actually have a working clock, the other being inside the Goodsprings General Store.

Outside on the right side of the house you will find xander root growing in a planter. On the opposite side broc flower can be found. There is also a wooden crate with a skeleton behind the house and a tin of Mentats. This house belongs to Dr. 8, as he mentioned in a speech dialogue. (And also suggested by eight paintings and eight clocks on the walls.)

Central fountain

This is the center of Higgs Village. Initially, the fountain is inactive. It can be activated by starting the weather test inside X-17 meteorological station. There are several bottle caps in the fountain, along with a super stimpak.

Notable loot

House #00

House #101

House #102

  • Recipes - Science Skill Book to the right of the doorway into the bedroom on top of electrical equipment, near the hose.
  • An ice cold Nuka-Cola can be found in the kitchen near the entrance beside a bucket on the floor.
  • A large amount of Mentats can be found throughout the house.

House #103

House #104

House #108


  • In Dr. 0's house (00) there is a poster for the Museum of Technology from Fallout 3 on the second floor in the room with all the computers.
  • There is a big hanger door that can't be accessed; the entrance is on the catwalk next to it.
  • You can hop off of the catwalk and onto the roofs of the next three houses. Assorted loot can often be found on the roofs.
  • The Securitrons will disappear in House #00 upon entering it the second time.
  • The X-17 meteorological station contains a small replica of the village.
  • A scene in the trailer showed that a X-42 giant robo-scorpion may have originally been intended to be placed in the village.
  • It is sometimes possible to swim up the fountain after activating it at the X-17 Meteorological Station. It is also possible that you can swim away from the fountain and "float" above ground. However, you slowly float down and land.
  • If the weather test is left on at the X-17 Meteorological Station, there will be water in the fountain, but it cannot be drunk.
  • There are a large number of pre-War books and damaged books here, used to create blank books.
  • There are a lot of coffee mugs inside the houses for Muggy to break down.
  • The queen sized beds in houses # 101 and 103 give the Well Rested benefit, while none of the other beds in Higgs Village will.


Higgs Village appears in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on, Old World Blues.

Behind the scenes

The name is derived from the Higgs boson. The Higgs boson is a hypothetical massive elementary particle predicted to exist by the Standard Model of particle physics. It could also be named after theoretical physicist Peter Higgs, the origin of the particle's name.


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