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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.
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This is a transcript for dialogue with Hieronymous, hardware salesman and Pit organizer on the Los bridge..

Los BridgeEdit


Welcome to my humble market, human vermin! I am called Hieronymous... now, will you be doing business or continue to foul my doorstep?

I'm here to trade, ghoul.
Got a package for you from your brother on the docks.
Foul your doorstep? Take a look in the mirror, rotter. Goodbye.

Greetings, greetings! I am called Hieronymous. You have the look of the wasteland in your eye... perhaps you have some valuable items to trade, yes?

Maybe. Let's see what you've got...
Got a package for you from your brother on the docks.
Not today, porky. See ya.

Welcome to the shop of honest Pete - Oh! A stranger! Don't you know that the fanatics who claim this territory will kill you on sight?!? They only tolerate me because I trade the highest quality goods... at low prices!

Quality goods? At low prices? Let's trade!
I risked my life to bring you this package from your brother on the docks.
I'll get back to you after I kill some more fanatics.

Hello again! Come, come, do not stand there looking ridiculous. Let us trade.

All right. Let's trade.
I'm interested in making some money, and I'm willing to kill for it.

Well then, a package from my esteemed brother! You have my thanks for transporting it here, lowly courier! Here is a minimal gratuity.

Minimal is right. Let's have a look at your inventory.
Ah, the satisfaction of a job well done... without much pay. See you.

Ah, hello again! News of your violent exploits has reached my putrescent ears... May I interest a dim-witted barbarian such as yourself in some sport?

Not interested. Let's trade.
Sport, huh? What kind of sport?
I've got something better. A package from your brother on the docks.
No... I'd better be going.

A simple physical contest. The winner gains many bottle caps. The loser is given a burial unfit for a rabid dog. Perhaps you are interested?

Forget it. Let's trade.
I could use a light workout.
No... I'd better be going.

Ah, you will take part in some hideous massacre! Excellent! Come with me.

Maybe I'd better shop for some things before the massacre.
Lead on, my disgusting friend.
I changed my mind... I'm allergic to massacres. Bye.

Despite my low estimation of your talents, you have survived the battle. Here is your blood-spattered reward. Perhaps you require a greater challenge?

Maybe later. Right now I'm interested in getting some supplies.
Sure. This time I want a real challenge.
Thanks for the "sport", but I've got a mission to complete. Let's go back.

Here is your prize money, my bloodthirsty friend. Unfortunately, we must discontinue further games due to a lack of suitable contestants.

Guess I'll have to look for enemies the old-fashioned way. Take me back.

Hurry up with your trading. I am a very busy man!
Ah, a discriminating consumer. Well, you will not be disapointed in my stock.
Feel free to peruse my entire inventory of deadly utensils.
You won't use that to harm anyone, correct? Ha ha ha! I kid, of course!
You will not find a better selection - or better prices - anywhere in the city!
The bargains I am giving you will drive my business into the ground! I hope you are happy with my great suffering!
You will surely have much success using my items in your grisly adventures.
Do not be frugal in your spending! Better that you live poor and well-equipped than die with all of that scrumptious currency in your pocket.
My bowels are coming loose again! I must get more staples to secure them inside my body!
You are quite alluring for a human … but your skin lacks the lovely greenish hue of decay that I seek in a mate.
Ghouls make exquisite lovers, by the way. I only mention that in passing...
Might I suggest that you purchase copious amounts of stimpaks? Humans can be very fragile.
I would much rather conduct trade with my ghoulish brethren, but you seem almost decent for a human.
Conversing with a cheerless human thug such as yourself is tiresome indeed.
Ugh! Your human smell is highly distasteful to me! Please finish your business and move along!
Surely you will require more weapons to satisfy your human craving for senseless destruction. Indulge yourself!
I know that I am wondrous to look upon, human, but perhaps we can conduct our business with less delay, yes?
I cannot say that I approve of a ghoul who serves human masters, but as long as you have money we can do business.
I must say, you are the most unpleasant ghoul I have ever met.
You want ammunition? Special prices for my ghoul customers. Today only!
I didn't know that the Brotherhood of Steel accepted ghouls into their ranks.