FilmThe following is based on the canceled Fallout movie and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Hero's Intended was set to appear in the canceled Fallout movie.


Neither Hero or his intended actually loved each other, but they were friends who shared a mutual respect and acceptance of their future together. She admired his courage and honesty when Hero came to tell her that he was leaving and that she should plan out a new 'life chart'.[1]

While Hero is in the wastes, Hero’s Intented was comforted over the supposed “sickness” of Hero, who she was told been quarantined for virus. This is the Elders’ cover story for hero and other three scouts. To placate Intended, she is given Hero’s old job in Operations as Assistant Vault Supervisor – it’s clear he isn’t going back. She confides the news of the top-secret quest to a friend, and through series of cutaways throughout story we see spreading story of surface quest begin to unravel the social stability of Vault 13. The rumor is, it’s the end of the world as they know it.[2]

Later, as the battle with the master is beginning outside the Vault, Max, Female Officer and Hero fend them off outside. The had Overseer denied them re-entry; his real purpose in sending them into the wastes was to kill them off, and their subversive thoughts too. Therefore, they remain outside fighting for their lives, until Hero’s Intended starts to open vault for their return. The Overseer orders her to stop, but when she refuses, he kills her. Apparently, for the good of the vault.[3]


Marriages in Vault 13 are pre-arranged based on genetic potential and the needs of vault.[4] They are assigned through 'marriage kits', which each vault dweller is provided with.[5]


Hero's Intended was to appear in the canceled Fallout movie by Interplay Films.

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