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Help me is a paper note in Fallout 3.


Found on one of the number of skeletons in a closet in the offices (east) section in the Nuka-Cola plant. It describes the draconian punishments enforced by the robotic foreman of the plant.



He threw me in here! I can't believe he did it but that boltbrain foreman psychopath locked me in a closet!

A goddamn 17 minute break!? That's why it threw me in here!?

It's been a day and that stupid robot hasn't even checked on me! I can't wait until the next time he opens that door. I'm going to brain him with this auto-stapler and then escape. This story will be front page news so fast that he'll have been reassigned with toaster duty by the time he sees it!

Day 3 and I'm running out of what little edible supplies there are, they dragged another guy in here as well, says his name is Seth from R&D. Apparently its now against company policy to leave the toilet seat up in the unisex bathrooms.

We've come up with a plan that won't fail! We'll be out of here in no time... But for now we play the waiting game.

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