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They killed Pugsley, my donkey and they threatened to kill me if I ever dare to come back.

Irwin, about the raiders

Help Irwin is a side quest in Fallout.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Side Quest: Help Irwin
Speak with Irwin and offer help.
Kill all the raiders at his farm.
Go back to Irwin and tell him you solved the problem.
Reward: 500 XP, +2 Reputation, .223 pistol

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Irwin is a refugee living in the Hub. He can be found near Bob's Iguana Bits stand and Beth's Weapon Shop in the Downtown area. If the Vault Dweller talks to him, he will tell them about his problem concerning raiders who invaded his farm. He asks the Vault Dweller to get rid of all the raiders on his property by any means necessary.

If the Vault Dweller agrees to the quest, they'll be transported to Irwin's property (not marked on the map). To complete the quest, the Vault Dweller needs simply to kill all of the raiders in Irwin's house. There are a total of seven moderately armed and armored enemies, each wearing either leather armor or jackets. Overall the raiders aren't excessively powerful, but can swarm the Vault Dweller and overwhelm a low-level character, which is likely what warrants the minimum level requirement.



  • Once the Vault Dweller leaves the farm, they won't be able to return there, even if they killed the raiders.
  • If the Vault Dweller has not reached level 5, they cannot accept this quest. They will be told by Irwin to come back when having "more experience under your belt."
  • The route from the Hub to the farm takes an hour.

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