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The Helios One terminal entries are a collection of terminals entries from HELIOS One in Fallout: New Vegas.

Power plant terminalEdit

This terminal is located on the reception desk of the power plant.

ARCHIMEDES testingEdit


On Tuesday February 16 at 2 PM, technicians will be running at test of ARCHIMEDES and its connectivity with our plant security system. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should any employee be outdoors on the plant grounds until the alarm klaxon has ceased and an all-clear is given. We have death and dismemberment waivers from all employees on file and are not responsible for any accidents that should occur during this procedure.

Protective eyewear is MANDATORY for all technicians observing from the tower deck.



The initial testing of ARCHIMEDES was a success, though not an unqualified one. Several minor systems were overloaded despite all precautions taken, and the two and a half minutes of downtime following the test is something we can work on improving.

More importantly, we received reports from nearby facilities that they experienced system-frying power fluctuations at the time of the test, notably the Black Mountain communications array and the military bunkers at Hidden Valley. We're going to make it a priority next time to prevent such collateral damage.

Upcoming VisitEdit


Brig. Gen. Scott Lowe of the U.S. Army will be visiting the facility starting next Monday and staying onsite indefinitely. When ARCHIMEDES goes live, he will be the only person here allowed to authorize its use for anything other than a test. Civilian employees are not required to salute, but it is expected of everyone to observe thorough grooming and hygiene regimens and dress neatly while the general is with us. The general expects the best from all his men, and Poseidon men should be no different in the presence of such a fine and decorated soldier.

"Can I Tell Him?"Edit


"Can I Tell Him?" A Poseidon Energy Publication for New Employees

As a member of the Poseidon Family, it will be natural for you to become enthusiastic about the incredible endeavors you'll be undertaking with us, and to want to tell others. But just a second there, my good man! Let's take a minute to consider what could happen if company information fell into the wrong hands, and whose hands those might be.

"Can I tell my wife?" Well, let's say you do. You tell her not to tell anyone. Your bond is sacred. But a woman's idle tongue is the devil's plaything. No sooner do you leave for work the next day than she's on the phone telling her best friend Candy. Then Candy tells Gertie, Gertie tells Maxine, Maxine tells Lulu, and while Lulu is telling Doris, a Chinese agent posing as an American operator listens in, and the next thing she's on the line with the Forbidden City, singing like a treasonous canary. The following day you and your wife are bound in shackles and China is sitting at the controls of our entire arsenal.

"Can I tell my children?" What father wouldn't want to his kids to look up to him? Don't be that father. One day at school, Ivan Bullykov will get more than lunch money out of your kids. He'll have national secrets! And while they're parading him through Red Square as a national hero, your children will be working in forced labor camps, right next to you and your beautiful young wife, who's now wrinkled and homely since the communists have banned makeup because it expresses individuality.

"Can I tell my drinking buddies?" Surely if there's somewhere safe a man can place his trust, it's with his other male friends. But how much do you really know about them? Are they friends... or *comrades*? Don't be too sure. Even the most transparent window can hide secrets when it's lined with Iron Curtains.

Always remember: you are a member of two families now. And you have obligations to both. But you obligations to the Poseidon Family is greater, because while your children may misbehave and your friends may change and your wife may nag and cheat on you, Poseidon Energy will always be paying for and protecting your way of life. Don't tell anybody about anything about the projects of Poseidon Energy. When pressed, tell them that your job is repetitive and not worth discussing, but the Company is nurturing and gives good benefits and is always looking for new talent.

Terminal 1 and 2Edit

These terminals (denoted as either eastern or western) are located in 2 separate fenced off areas behind the power plant, near the Solar Collection Tower.

Entries are Reset Mainframe Connection, needing to be activated as part of the That Lucky Old Sun quest, Archimedes Testing and Upcoming Visit.

Helios One mainframe terminalEdit

This terminal is located in the Solar Collection Tower, observation level area.

Initial TrialsEdit


Pending the successful launch of ARCHIMEDES II, we ought to be able to begin field trials with the handheld rangefinder within a few weeks.

Our small-scale tests have already proven the viability of sending power as microwave radiation from the plant to a remote receiver and converting it back into a useable form. All that remains is to extrapolate it to full scale and then prove out the long-range communication/targeting system on the rangefinder.

Other entries are Configure Power Grid, meant as the next phase in the That Lucky Old Sun quest, the other is Archimedes Testing .

Behind the scenesEdit

The password for the western tower computer terminal is in hexadecimal, "Too many secrets", and the password for the eastern terminal is also in hexadecimal, "My voice is my password." Both of these passwords are references to the movie "Sneakers."

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