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FalloutShelterAppleStoreLogoThe following is based on Fallout Shelter and some details might contradict canon.

Life may be unforgiving, but you've become unstoppable.

— In-game description

Heavy wasteland gear is a legendary outfit in Fallout Shelter. A dweller exploring the wasteland (while wearing this armor) is immune to receiving any radiation.


The outfit appears to be based on the hazmat suit in the Fallout: New Vegas add-ons Old World Blues. It provides dwellers with +7 Endurance.

The number of HP points gained per level up is tied directly to a dweller's Endurance level. With this knowledge, the maximum possible HP can be achieved on a dweller by equipping this gear on them at level 1 and with 10 Endurance (17 Endurance total) and then leveling them all the way up to 50.



Name Effects Value Rarity
Wasteland gear +3 Endurance 10 common
Sturdy wasteland gear +5 Endurance 100 rare
Heavy wasteland gear +7 Endurance 500 legendary



A high Endurance statistic is needed to effectively create the heavy wasteland gear.

Globe (4)
rangeIcon range
Caps x21,000
levelIcon level
Heavy wasteland gear (1)


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