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For an overview of merc outfits appearing in the Fallout series, see merc outfit.
FalloutShelterAppleStoreLogoThe following is based on Fallout Shelter and some details might contradict canon.

The best mercs make the most caps... and wear the best clothes.

— In-game description

Heavy merc gear is a legendary outfit in Fallout Shelter.


The outfit is a combination of armor and black overcoat. The black overcoat is covered with green shoulder pads and green/yellow gauntlets. The armor resembles pre-War LAPD riot armor, similar to the kind that NCR riot control officers wear in The Divide. There is an ammo belt wrapped around the Dweller's torso and a unorganized leather belt. This variant gives boosts of +2 Perception, +3 Agility and +2 Luck.



Name Effects Value Rarity
Merc gear +1 Perception, +1 Agility and +1 Luck 10 common
Sturdy merc gear +1 Perception, +2 Agility and +2 Luck 100 rare
Heavy merc gear +2 Perception, +3 Agility, +2 Luck 500 legendary


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