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For the heavy incinerator that appears in the Fallout 3 add-on Broken Steel, see Heavy incinerator (Fallout 3).

The heavy incinerator is a weapon in Fallout: New Vegas.


Visually, the heavy incinerator is similar to the regular incinerator, but with an additional fuel tank and hose attached to the side. Firing at a faster rate than the its smaller cousin, its rate of fire is equivalent to the heavy incinerator in Fallout 3. Like the incinerator, it lobs large fireballs in a large arc similar to the grenade machinegun. It has greater range and damage compared to the regular incinerator, but less accuracy.

It is affected by the Meltdown perk.


The heavy incinerator can fire a total of about 995 times using standard fuel, the equivalent of 42 reloads, from full condition before breaking.

Ammunition typeDurability



Weapon name (current weapon is highlighted)Icon gunDamage per attack (damage per projectile)Icon damageDamage per secondIcon dpsArea of effect damageIcon explosionEffect damage and durationIcon effectAttacks per secondIcon attackCritical Chance % multiplierIcon chanceCritical damageIcon critical damageCritical effect damage and durationIcon crit effectAction Point costIcon actionDamage per action pointIcon dapWeapon spreadIcon spreadMagazine capacity (shots per reload)Assault carbine extended magazinesDurability (number of attacks before breaking)Icon repairWeightIcon weightValue in capsIcon merchantValue to weight ratioIcon ratioSkill requiredIcon abilityStrength requiredIcon fist
Incinerator 1
4620+4fireIcon fire/8s2x1.671+2fireIcon fire/5s501.10.130995121300108.3256
Heavy incinerator 15
14820+8fireIcon fire/5s4x0.835+2fireIcon fire/5s501.50.5249951572004801008



  • This weapon can be repaired with the standard incinerator.
  • Despite it mounting two more fuel tanks than the incinerator, there is no corresponding increase in fuel capacity.
  • The flamer and incinerator also fire exactly the same amount of fuel before breaking.


  • pcIcon pc In V.A.T.S., it fires in a burst of three shots, but only uses one unit of ammunition. [verified]
  • xbox360Icon xbox360 When getting an incinerator to repair the heavy incinerator it some times it may not let you repair it. Removing both weapons from your inventory will fix this problem. [verified]
  • pcIcon pc The projectile damage is not dealt outside of V.A.T.S.; only the explosion and burning effect are. This is because of an issue with all non-hitscan weapons with explosive effects. [verified]


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