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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for the ghoul townsperson in Broken Hills Downtown.


{100}{}{You see a weird mutant thing, with splotchy skin and a ghastly smile.}
{101}{}{You see a ghoul townsperson.}
{102}{}{You see a ghoul. Its skin looks like it's ready to slough off the creature. It also looks like it's readily accepted by the other townsfolk.}
{103}{}{Refinery work is tough.}
{104}{}{The super mutants and humans seem to be on edge lately.}
{105}{}{I don't like working near acid.}
{106}{}{This town is getting too full lately, it seems.}
{107}{}{Humans ain't all bad.}
{108}{}{Welcome to Broken Hills.}
{109}{}{Where'd Hank go? Has anyone seen Hank?}
{110}{}{We've worked hard to make Broken Hills what it is today.}
{111}{}{When's the next meal, anyway?}
{112}{}{Chad got arrested? The humans should be ashamed of themselves.}
{113}{}{Not all humans are like Chad.}
{114}{}{Bummer about Chad, man.}
{115}{}{I wonder if I can get in on that caravan action...}
{116}{}{Where'd Hank go? Has anyone seen Hank?}
{117}{}{We've worked hard to make Broken Hills what it is today.}
{118}{}{When's the next meal, anyway?}
{119}{}{You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.}
{120}{}{Stop! Hey... what's that sound?}
{121}{}{Down with the oppressors!}
{122}{}{How could you kill Chad like that?}
{123}{}{What, was Chad violently resisting arrest or something?}
{124}{}{I see a dark day for Broken Hills.}
{125}{}{Chad got what was coming to him.}
{126}{}{Let the punishment fit the crime.}
{127}{}{Poor Chad. At least he didn't have a family.}
{128}{}{The humans are pissed about Chad.}
{129}{}{The mutants better look out... the humans might want revenge for Chad.}
{130}{}{Who would do such a monstrous thing?}
{131}{}{With the mutants gone, we are truly defenseless against raiders.}
{132}{}{Marcus... Zaius... Francis... all the rest... gone...}
{133}{}{The future is grim.}
{134}{}{Was it the humans who did this? Was it Cameron?}
{135}{}{Who shall lead us now that Marcus is gone?}
{136}{}{Where can we turn for shelter now?}
{137}{}{Those NCR bastards. They'd better not come here any more, not if they know what's good for them.}
{138}{}{I wonder if OUR humans were behind this...}
{139}{}{Thank you for saving the mutants.}
{140}{}{We ought to lynch the bastard who tried to poison our mutants.}
{141}{}{So much is happening... it's making my head spin...}
{142}{}{I probably ought to get back to work.}
{143}{}{Who would have let those two ne'er-do-wells out? Killing guards, too... Marcus must be pissed.}
{144}{}{There's some bloody business going on in town.}
{145}{}{Have you noticed that the town smells like trouble lately?}
{146}{}{I thought this would be a peaceful place to settle down. Seems I was wrong.}
{147}{}{Who'da thought that sort of violence could come to Broken Hills?}
{148}{}{Franc and Manson... someone's got a death-wish for the mutants.}
{149}{}{How could you let those two out of jail?}
{150}{}{You should be ashamed of yourself.}
{151}{}{I hope you're right that Franc and Manson don't pose a threat... the mutants will blame you for it.}
{152}{}{Franc and Manson...back in society... hoo boy. Maybe I'll leave town.}
{153}{}{There's some bloody business going on in town.}
{154}{}{Have you noticed that the town smells like trouble lately?}
{155}{}{Well done on bringing those jerks to justice!}
{156}{}{I always thought Jacob was a little strange.}
{157}{}{That'll teach the humans that they can't flaunt the laws.}
{158}{}{Come on... Aileen? I don't believe she'd do it.}
{159}{}{What a blow to the humans! They're very ashamed of themselves right now. Very defensive.}
{160}{}{Will Broken Hills ever be able to mend the rift between humans and mutants?}
{161}{}{Those bastards, Jacob and Aileen, always treated me like a second-class citizen. This'll teach 'em.}
{162}{}{I don't think Broken Hills will ever recover from the loss of the mine...}
{163}{}{All the mutants... dead...}
{164}{}{... now we'll never know if we could have made peace between the mutants and the humans...}
{165}{}{Time to head out and see what the rest of the world has to offer... ain't worth it to dig out the mines.}
{166}{}{I wonder if anywhere else in California needs uranium refiners?}
{167}{}{Guess I'll head back to Gecko now...}
{168}{}{You god-rotting bastard. }
{169}{}{Have you no shame, no decency?}
{170}{}{Why do you try to destroy our town?}
{171}{}{Don't you realize that if you'd destroyed the mine, you'd have destroyed us all as well?}
{172}{}{I don't want to talk to you.}
{173}{}{Go away.}
{174}{}{Good work.}
{175}{}{Too bad those people died under the city.}
{176}{}{I wonder how those people dug the tunnels without us noticing.}
{177}{}{Now we know what Franc and Manson were up to.}
{178}{}{Those poor, poor people. Their poor families.}
{180}{}{Don't hurt me.}
{181}{}{Leave me alone.}
{182}{}{No! No! No!}
{183}{}{I'll be going now.}
{184}{}{Leave our town!}