Hawkins is the name of a deceased Powder Ganger found in the Quarry Junction northeast of Sloan. His name only appears in the resources of Fallout: New Vegas; in normal gameplay he is identified simply as "Powder Ganger".


The body of Hawkins is found near the entrance to the Quarry Junction from Interstate 15, just northeast of Sloan. His corpse is located next to a large excavator, surrounded by three young deathclaws, presumably the cause of Hawkins' demise.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

Interactions overviewEdit

General Services Quests
Essential: noIcon cross
Companion: noIcon cross
Plays Caravan: noIcon cross
Merchant: noIcon cross
Repairman: noIcon cross
Doctor: noIcon cross
Rents bed/room: noIcon cross
Starts quests: noIcon cross
Involved in quests: noIcon cross


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Random Powder Ganger outfit Knife - Bottle cap x88


Hawkins appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenesEdit

Icon cut contentThe following is based on Fallout: New Vegas cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

At some point during development, Hawkins was to appear in the Quarry Junction alive, affording the Courier the opportunity to rescue him from the nearby young deathclaws. Although it is not clear how completely the rescue of Hawkins was implemented prior to being removed, a few AI packages exist which would have directed Hawkins to flee to Sloan after his rescue and then remain there. A number of dialogue options were also created for the character which were either partially removed at a later date or never completed to begin with.

Though the content of the dialogue has been removed, the names of the options point towards a number of details about Hawkins and his intended, expanded role. Hawkins was to be searching for Samuel Cooke, though for what purpose is not known. Chomps Lewis also factored into the Courier's interaction with Hawkins, based on a dialogue option named QJHawkinsTalkedToChomps. Whether this refers to Hawkins or the Courier talking to Chomps is not made clear.

Icon cut contentEnd of information based on Fallout: New Vegas cut content.