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Hatchling mirelurk meat is a food item in Fallout 3. It looks like normal mirelurk meat.


Hatchling mirelurk meat is only as effective in as any common food item restoring HP. Whereas mirelurk meat and softshell mirelurk meat restore 20 HP and 30 HP respectively, hatchling mirelurk meat replenishes 5 HP (or 6 with the food sanitizer.


  • Hatchling mirelurk meat is found in mirelurk egg clutches, such as those deep in the Anchorage Memorial.
  • A large group of egg clutches can be found near the Potomac River. Going north from the Super-Duper Mart, and then west once you've reached the river, the clutches can be found guarded by a few mirelurks.

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