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Harold Worthington III was a regular at the Statesman Hotel in Washington, D.C. who was involved in two incidents which consisted of him falling down on his way back to his room after spending quite a while at the hotel's Alfresco lounge and then blaming it on either the ice machine or the carpeting. Afterwards, he was unreasonable and abusive towards the hotel staff and demanded free room service or another pillow as compensation.

In one of the notes at the Concierge terminal it is noted that 23 pillows had been dispatched to Worthington over the course of 10 months. The staff of the Our Lady of Hope Hospital where he was admitted after the ice machine incident (having suffered no injuries at all) also noted he required 8 pillows to sleep and when he was discharged the other day, they were all gone.

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Harold Worthington III is mentioned in terminal entries in Fallout 3 but does not actually appear in the game.