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Harold Callahan was a Magnum toting, Pentagon internal security officer and member of the US Army in 2077.


Main article: Callahan's terminal

Armed with his .44 Magnum revolver, Callahan was a member of the US Army, stationed at the Pentagon as a security guard in the months leading up to the Great War.


Harold Callahan is mentioned in terminal entries in the Fallout 3 add-on Broken Steel but does not actually appear in any game.

Behind the scenesEdit

The character (along with his Magnum sidearm) is a reference to San Francisco Inspector Harry Callahan, protagonist of the Dirty Harry series of movies who it noted for using a .44 Magnum as his weapon of choice as opposed to the standard police issue .38 caliber 6 shooter, and taking every 'dirty' police assignment that comes along. His character is noted for hating crime in every form and dealing with criminals and injustice in a way that is not entirely set nor endorsed by the protocols of the police force, or government.