[Miles takes the books from you, and starts flipping through them.] Hmmmm. Yes, hmmmm. [He mumbles to himself for a few more minutes.] Well, I think I can figure it out, but it will take a full day for the bonding to occur.Miles

Harden your Power Armor is an unmarked quest in Fallout.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Side Quest: Harden your Power Armor
Finish Fix the hydroponic farms in Adytum quest.
Speak to Miles.
Get a power armor and some chemistry journals and bring them to Miles.
Wait for one day and speak to Miles.
Reward: hardened power armor

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Once the Vault Dweller has repaired the hydroponic farms in Adytum, Miles will offer to harden their power armor. After finding one of these rare suits and returning to Adytum, Miles will send the Vault Dweller to the Hub to retrieve a set of chemistry journals. Ask Mrs. Stapleton (who works in the library located in the Hub Downtown) for the books and then return to Adytum and give Miles the chemistry journals. Miles will then harden the power armor, making it more resistant to all types of damage.


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