Icon cut contentThe following is based on Fallout: New Vegas cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

"Hangover Heart" is a song listed in the credits for Fallout: New Vegas, but does not actually appear to be in the game. Possibly it was intended to be in the game, but was pulled at the last minute. The credits show it as being performed by Hank Thompson.


I've got a hangover heart from your kisses last night
My head is so heavy the tears blind my sight
You no longer love me, you said, we must part
And all I have left is a hangover heart

Too much wine from the bottle makes you feel bad next day
But take another drink and that feeling goes away
But tell me, my darling, just how I should start
To lose this old feeling of a hangover heart

No pills from the doctor, no drugs from the store
Will help me forget the one I adore
I don't need a doctor, no nurse with her charms
All I need is you for my hangover heart

Come back to me, baby, let's make a new start
And take away the pain of this hangover heart


Hangover Heart [1]

Fallout New Vegas Soundtrack - Hangover Heart - Hank Thompson02:02

Fallout New Vegas Soundtrack - Hangover Heart - Hank Thompson