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Hammer's holotape is a holodisk recorded by the super mutant Hammer in Fallout 4. It is a report of sorts, given to then-current super mutant leader Fist.


This particular holotape can be found in the West Everett Estates, lying on the counter near the fridge with the Nuka-Cola Quantum in the house with the recording computer.



Hammer: Human, did you make the machine work?

Human (inaudible): Y- yeah, it's recording now.

Hammer: Good. Fist, this is Hammer. I got a human to make the machine work. We found a good place. Already has walls and water. Some human made a tiny room under ground with many good things inside. Send more people so we can raid more. We give you this guns for trade. Okay human, make the machine stop recording now. Human! Not time for sleep! Stop bleeding and work the machine! Graah, fine! Hammer will fix it!


  • Human speaking parts are inaudible in holotape.

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