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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Chris Avellone, bounty hunter in the Boneyard


# Chris Avellone is a male bounty hunter. He has an abrupt attitude and is serious about
# his money. He does not like child killers (which is the only way the player will meet him).
{100}{}{You see a burly bounty hunter with a button that reads, 'I'm Christopher and you're meat.'}
# Bounty Hunter is considered Male term
{101}{}{What do you want?}
{102}{}{A donut.}
{103}{}{What are you doing here?}
{104}{}{Just looking around.}
{106}{}{We don't appreciate wise guys here. Buzz off.}
# Alternate for "Buzz off" could be "Get lost" or "Get out of here"
{107}{}{That joke wasn't even funny the first time. You're about to discover why I'm one of the most fearsome bounty hunters
in the wasteland. And I won't even get paid for it.}
{108}{}{None of your business.}
{109}{}{Well, go poke around somewhere else.}
# Alternate for "poke around" could be "Look around"
{110}{}{Did you know that there's a bounty of 1,500 caps on your head for killing children? Time to collect!}
# 1500 caps is equivalant to 1500 dollars. Children is considered male plural
{1100}{}{A small town to the south. Occasionally some of them visit.}
{1101}{}{Those are the peace loving freaks who live near us.}
{1102}{}{A strange cult south of Adytum and the rest of the Boneyard. Nicole says that they are up to something.}
{1103}{}{An ultra-violent gang to our west.}
{1104}{}{A gang to the east. They use vibro-knives.}
{1105}{}{A gang that came from the Hub, and sells guns. They are north of here.}
{1106}{}{The Hub is a large city of traders and businesses, to the east.}
{1107}{}{Junktown is a small city just north of the Hub.}
{1108}{}{I can't help you with that.}
{1109}{}{She's the leader of the Followers.}
{1110}{}{This place is the Angel's Boneyard, the remnants of the old city of Los Angeles.}
{1111}{}{A gang that came from the Hub, and sells guns. They are north of here.}
{1112}{}{I can't help you with that.}

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