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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for the Hub police officer


# These are the police of the Hub (a large metropolis). They are either gender, but using
# Male is the best approach. They are simpltons who have a badge only because no one else
# would take the badge. Speech has an absent-mindedness about it.
{100}{}{You see a police officer.}
# Police Officer is male
{101}{}{Greetings! You should watch your… uh, I mean, watch… (the officer gives a strange look to the other
officers and tilts his head in your direction.)}
{102}{}{Hi there stranger… Wait! I know you! You're wanted for theft! Don't move!}
# Stranger is the player. Consider Male.
{103}{}{Okay I give up.}
{104}{}{Eat lead!}
# "Eat lead" is equivalant to "I'm going to kill you."
{105}{}{Kor Rok!}
# "Kor Rok" is just garbled sounds a moronic player is saying.
{106}{}{(Give yourself up.)}
{107}{}{Watch your back, this isn't a safe place.}
# 108/109, 108/110 are lines which go together. "Watch your scripts, guy." or "Watch your scripts, lady."
{108}{}{Watch your scripts, }
# scripts are money
{111}{}{You shouldn't be here, it's not safe.}
{112}{}{Old Town's really fallen apart.}
# Old Town is another section of town. This is were the poor and down-trodden live.
{113}{}{This place smells.}
{114}{}{We should tear this whole area down.}
{115}{}{I know that damn Thieves Circle is around here, somewhere.}
# the Thieve's Circle is similar to a Thieve's Guild. underground organization for thieves.
{116}{}{Poor Harold, he's had a rough life.}
# Harold is Male
{117}{}{Keep your nose clean.}
# == Don't do anything illegal.
{118}{}{Hey. I know you. No more fighting okay?}
{119}{}{You better not be thinking of starting another fight!}
{120}{}{If we catch you fighting again, you're going in!}
# "You're going in" equals "You are going to jail"
{121}{}{Did you hear? The Far Go Trader's got whipped out.}
# Far Go Traders is a merchant's guild
{122}{}{The Water Merchants are history, that's a blessing.}
# Water Merchants is a merchant's guild
{123}{}{Someone killed off the Crimson Caravan.}
# Crimson Caravans is a merchant's guild
{124}{}{Did you hear! The Underground has finally been wiped out!}
# Underground is a rough organization for assassins. Akin to the Mafia
{125}{}{Decker's Dead!}
# Decker is Male
{126}{}{This town would be safer with Decker out of the picture.}
# == "This town would be safer with Decker dead."

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