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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Message box for high stakes craps game.


{100}{}{You see before you the low stakes Craps table. It costs $40 to play.}
{101}{}{You rolled a 7. You win!!}
{102}{}{You roll snake eyes. You lose.}
{103}{}{You rolled }
{104}{}{! You win!!}
{105}{}{You rolled }
{106}{}{. You lose.}
{107}{}{You rolled }
{108}{}{ before rolling your point. You lose.}
{109}{}{You rolled your point. You win.}
{110}{}{You rolled }
{111}{}{. This is your point. Rolling again.}
{112}{}{You gain 70 experience points for killing the dealer.}