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You might have noticed the very large building just north of here. That's HELIOS One. The NCR runs the place, so it's off-limits to prospectors.

— Old Lady Gibson

HELIOS One is a Poseidon Energy solar plant that can generate and provide power to the New Vegas Strip and other settlements in the Mojave Wasteland. It also contains the control system for two space-based weapon platforms, Archimedes I and Archimedes II.


Constructed Pre-War by Poseidon Energy, HELIOS One is a concentrated solar energy plant consisting of an enormous array of reflectors and the power plant itself (housing steam turbines and all of the machines required to transform the energy into usable electricity). The plant has been damaged extensively since the war (including recent incursions between the NCR and the remaining Brotherhood of Steel forces in the Mojave). Now, only a third of its reflectors still fully intact and able to fully rotate. To make matters worse, various issues in the plant itself make the energy transfer inefficient, meaning the plant is operating far under potential. NCR doesn’t possess the scientific knowledge to get the plant in ideal shape and both the Followers of the Apocalypse and Brotherhood of Steel are reticent to help for political reasons. Due to its fragility, Caesar has no serious interest in HELIOS One, but his troops perform occasional raids on it to keep NCR’s forces spread out.[1]

A pre-War installation, Helios was hailed as the "Dawn of a Golden Age" by Poseidon Energy. The Mojave Brotherhood of Steel discovered the facility and were trying to work out how the plant worked until the New California Republic (NCR) launched Operation: Sunburst to take HELIOS One. Before the Brotherhood abandoned the facility, they put it in a nearly inactive state and armed the pre-War security system. Despite the NCR's best efforts, they have had no luck in getting the plant to work to its potential or deactivating the security system.


Main building

At the beginning of the events of Fallout: New Vegas the facility is controlled by the NCR, who have a detachment guarding the facility. At the front entrance is Lt. Haggerty, who must be convinced to allow the player character in, or the player can lockpick a side door to gain entrance.

In the back of the building is a "technician", Fantastic, who is working on getting the power plant functioning; the room adjacent to Fantastic's contains another scientist, Ignacio Rivas. A nearby door leads to the mirror yard.

Mirror yard

Behind the main building is the solar collection tower and an array of computer-controlled mirrors. There are also two mirror control terminals in small shacks, and several tents set up by the NCR troopers guarding the facility. The western terminal is guarded by mines, bear traps, and a rigged shotgun, while the eastern terminal is guarded by attack dogs.

Solar collection tower

Inside the solar collection tower, past a small straight path there are three hostile automated turrets and several (level-dependent) security robots, a mix of protectrons, robobrains, Mister Gutsies, and/or sentry bots. Going straight ahead leads to an unlocked door to a small room containing several frag mines (both active and inactive) and an easy locked terminal. The terminal can be hacked to shut off the turrets or get them to fire indiscriminately at all targets (including the security robots). Near the entrance is a water fountain with no radiation. Downstairs is a small room with two pulse grenades on a shelf, and an average safe containing more pulse grenades and pulse mines plus miscellaneous loot.

The level continues through a double-wide door and down a sloping corridor guarded by a leveled security bot. The door at the bottom leads into another narrow corridor, leading to another multi-level room with stairways and catwalks, guarded by a Mister Gutsy

At the bottom of the catwalks past the Mister Gutsy is a door leading to a corridor that branches left and a shorter one to the right ending at a door. The corridor to the left contains a single protectron in a shielded charging station, past which is a laser tripwired door (disarm with an 85 Repair or 67 Science skill). The room beyond contains four more protectrons also in shielded charging stations. The tripwire releases the shields and activates all five robots. The door to the right in the initial corridor opens into a room contains some desks, skeletons and two Poseidon Energy Employee ID Cards. Both paths have doors that adjoin the final room; which has an elevator that leads to the observation level of the tower.

Observation level

The observation level contains the mainframe computer used to activate the plant and direct its power, plus a broken generator that can provide power to the mainframe and a repair robot called PYTHON. See That Lucky Old Sun for more about repairing and using the mainframe. There is a door at the top level that leads to the observation deck.A desk by the generator has a wooden box with embossed red symbols([!]-[X]-[H]-[A]-[H]-[X]-[@]) on it. It cannot be picked up but may be interacted with.

Observation deck

This is a circular deck all around the top of the solar collection tower. A spiral catwalk leads down from the entrance door. There is a reflector control panel that must be activated to complete the retargeting of the mirrors during That Lucky Old Sun. This location is outside, so the player can fast travel from here, though it is not recommended to do so during the HELIOS One/Archimedes I startup sequence, as this can cause quest glitches.

Notable loot

Related quests


  • If the Archimedes I plant defense system is activated, killing all the NCR troops at the plant, will cause Caesar's Legion to occupy HELIOS One two days later, and will hold it until the end of the game. One of the Legion recruits will mention that in his opinion they don't even need the plant, they are just holding it to scare the NCR. They still keep Fantastic on hand though, suggesting they want to keep the station operational.
    • The ending slides reveal that under certain circumstances the Brotherhood of Steel or NCR will retake it after the events of the main game.
  • If you side with Father Elijah during Dead Money, a special cutscene is shown at the end explaining that Elijah makes wide spread use of holograms along with the lethal effects of the Cloud to kill all living things in the Mojave Wasteland before turning on the NCR, whilst also mentioning that HELIOS One is returned back to full operational capacity (and presumably Archimedes II as well).
  • Above the solar collection tower, a Mark II/IV/VI/VIII turret with a Stealth Boy cloak can be found. It won't attack you and cannot be killed. This is what causes the red tick mark around the tower.
  • After killing the dogs surrounding the eastern terminal, the soldiers in the area may become hostile, the soldiers outside will not however.
  • The hologram map in the Archimedes room is a map of the Capital Wasteland from Fallout 3, with some of the pyramid shapes on the map representing Raven Rock, Vault 101, Megaton, Rivet City, The Mall, and the Citadel.
  • Any protectrons deactivated prior to setting off the Laser Tripwire, will reactivate and become immediately hostile. However, this does not prevent them from being deactivated a second time.


HELIOS One appears in Fallout: New Vegas and is mentioned in Dead Money.

Behind the scenes

  • In Greek mythology, Helios was the Titan personification for the sun and in Greek (Ἥλιος) the word still translates to "sun".
  • This structure appears to be modeled after Solar Two located in the Mojave Desert in California, but the location is more similar to the unrelated Nevada Solar One southwest of Boulder City, Nevada.


  • ps3Icon ps3 xbox360Icon xbox360 The NCR will be hostile towards you, even if you're idolized by them.
  • xbox360Icon xbox360 Protectrons within the room with the laser tripwire seem to be immune to explosive damage.
  • pcIcon pc Disarming the laser trip wire within the room with protectrons with science skill does not however prevent it from opening the forcefields and letting protectrons out to attack player.
  • pcIcon pc The hostile protectrons in the blue glowing holding containers can be disabled with Robotics Expert while inside the container. Somewhere between the waist and the feet, the cursor will typically change to red and you can "activate" the protectron and receive the option to disable it, as usual with the Robotics Expert perk.
  • ps3Icon ps3 The southwest room with the Mister Gutsy has two filing cabinets occupying the same place next to the sink.


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