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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Feuding couple


{100}{}{You see a dirty-looking mutant.}
{101}{}{He's wearing a sweat-stained button-down dress shirt with a yellowed undershirt beneath. He seems to be waiting for something.}
{102}{}{You see an annoyed-looking female mutant.}
{103}{}{She's wearing a stained apron with a poodle on it. There are pink, plastic curlers in her hair.}
{104}{}{Where's my freakin' brahmin pot pie, woman?!}
{105}{}{Go easy on the pepper this time, you cow!}
{106}{}{Where were you last night?!}
{107}{}{Where's my Cat's Paw? You threw it out again, didn't you?}
{109}{}{Zaius at the mine says he may have some work for me next month.}
{110}{}{This place it a damn mess! When are you gonna' get to cleanin', woman?}
{111}{}{You got a real smart mouth on ya' woman!}
{112}{}{I love you, woogums.}
{113}{}{Do you want the backside of my hand, woman?}
{140}{}{Fix your own damn pot pie, you lazy lump of pus!}
{141}{}{...(mumble) give him as much damn pepper as I want to (mumble)... }
{142}{}{Scrubbing your dirty drawers in the town well, as usual!}
{143}{}{What do you need that filth for when you've got me right here?!}
{144}{}{I told you to stop eating that iguana-on-a-stick! Open a window! Augh!}
{145}{}{Good! If it'll get your fat ass out of the house, I'm all for it!}
{146}{}{As soon as you start showing me some fucking respect, you bastard!}
{147}{}{There's gotta be some brains SOMEWHERE in this house!}
{148}{}{I love you too, sugerplumps.}
{149}{}{I don't want ANYTHING associated with your backside!}
{200}{}{What the hell do you want? Get outta' my house, pinkie.}
{201}{}{I swear, one of these days I'm gonna' just up and leave. Then what's his lazy hide gonna' do?}

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