H&K G11E

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For an overview of submachine gun models in various games, see Submachine gun.
H&K G11E
Fo2 H&K G11E
Damage & attacks
damage13 - 23
damage typeNormal
att. modes
Single(Action PointsIcon action 5, RangeIcon range 40)
Burst(Action PointsIcon action 6, RangeIcon range 35)
ammo type4.7mm caseless
ammo cap.50
burst rounds7
strength req.6
hands req.2
weight8 pounds
prototype id00000391

This gun revolutionized squad level support weapon design. The gun fires a caseless cartridge consisting of a block of propellant with a bullet buried inside. The resultant weight and space savings allow it to have a very high magazine capacity.

The H&K G11E is a small gun in Fallout 2.


The Heckler & Koch G11 revolutionized squad level support weapon design. Firing from a caseless cartridge, it has a very high magazine capacity, giving it awesome firepower in a very compact package.


The most powerful assault rifle in the game; after ammo modifiers it's significantly stronger than the next best choice, the H&K P90c. On the other hand, the even stronger Vindicator minigun uses the same ammo, so you may want to save up for that. Incidentally, the P90c costs 1 AP less to fire.



Snake Morton, one of the Morton brothers, uses this gun. Failing that, it can be purchased in San Francisco. Also, some Hubologists that one can encounter outside of San Francisco also carry this weapon. Killing these Hubologists does not decrease (or increase) one's Karma, and will not make the Hubologists in San Francisco turn hostile, even if you kill thousands. The Enclave soldiers that wear combat armor in Navarro also have these equipped.

Behind the scenesEdit

Fo2SS HK G11E Heavy
  • Originally, the weapon was supposed to belong to the Big Guns skill and have a bipod.
  • The real-world counterpart for the G11 is actually a rifle that was developed for the German Bundeswehr but was canceled because of defense budget cuts after the reunification. The E variant is specifically designed for Special Ops., equipped with a low-light scope and a suppressor. Neither of these features are present in the game, which is especially apparent when the G11E is compared to the FN FAL (night sight).

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