The Gun Runners terminal entries are a collection of terminal entries from the Gun Runners in Fallout: New Vegas.

Gun Runner terminalEdit

Download manufacturing specifications.Edit

Entry will only appear during the quest You Can Depend on Me. Reading it adds the Milling specifications holodisk to the player's Pip-Boy.


Processing request... complete!

Vendortron NamingEdit


Seriously, can we stop calling the Vendortron a "Vendortron?" Let's give the thing a proper name, like Bob (we're not calling it Bob). We'll vote on it at the end of the week. Please, please, please come up with something decent.

Camp McCarran Order #172Edit


Missile Launchers: 7
Missiles: 200

We'd like this order expedited, if possible. The situation at the Dam requires it.

Persona Non GrataEdit


One of the Crimson Caravan guards, identified as Robert Wilson, decided it would be funny to take a shot at our Vendortron. He's lucky he didn't get a .308 through his idiot skull.

We're currently negotiating with McLafferty for reparations, but in the mean time we need to update the Vendortron's recognition software to filter out all Crimson Caravan employees. We'll also need to pull some strings over at McCarran and get them temporarily barred from purchasing ammo there, as well.