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For the faction in Fallout and Fallout: New Vegas, see Gun Runners.

Gun Run is a miscellaneous quest in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Miscellaneous quest: Gun Run
Enter Salem.
Locate the Rook family house.
Talk to Barney Rook.
Turn on the terminals.
Report to Barney Rook.
Reward: 350+ XP
Reba II

Detailed walkthroughEdit

As you approach the Rook family house in Salem, you will see Barney Rook standing on the roof of his house, which is surrounded by mirelurks. The mirelurks are initially friendly but will turn hostile when approaching the house, starting the quest. After they are defeated, get closer and Barney Rook will speak to you and invite you to enter the bunker in the basement of his house.

Upon arrival, Barney will speak to you, continuing the quest. He will tell you the Salem Militia, composed of himself and his rifle, Reba, need some help to reactivate the defenses of the town. He will ask you to activate the terminals controlling the turrets throughout the town. To do so, you must enter Barney's password in the terminals. As he warned you, you will find mirelurks along the way.

Once all five terminals have been activated, return to Barney and he will give you a reward: Barney's key, which allows access to Reba II, a special sniper rifle with +50% bonus damage against bugs and mirelurks.

Quest stagesEdit

0 Quest started
5 Kill the Mirelurks
10 Talk to Barney
15 Meet Barney in his Bunker
30 Activate Barney's Turrets
40 Report back to Barney
90Quest finishedIcon checkQuest complete
100Quest failedIcon crossQuest failed: Barney is dead


  • The "reward" persuasion check for Barney has no effect on the reward received.


pcIcon pc Barney may already be dead. His premature death may play out in several ways:[verified]

  • You may approach Rook house and not get the first quest stage ("Kill x mirelurks") to trigger at all, despite one or more mirelurks being present. Barney's corpse is on the roof, invisible, with Reba laying next to him. Reloading an earlier save and approaching Rook house at a later time may yield a different result.
  • The quest activates and instructs you to kill the mirelurks, but he's still dead on the roof, this time with his corpse visible. This will result in "Talk to Barney" being an unfulfilled miscellaneous quest. The quest can be removed from the miscellaneous quest menu by using the console command setstage DN083_Barney 100.
  • In both cases, his corpse is lootable and holds his basement key, so both Rebas are attainable even if the quest either gets stuck in your Pip-Boy or never triggers at all.