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Gun Fu is a perk in Fallout 4.


Rank Requirements Description Base ID
1 AGI 10 You've learned to apply ancient martial arts to gunplay! Do 25% more damage to your second V.A.T.S. target and beyond. 0004d881
2 AGI 10, LVL 26 In V.A.T.S. you do 50% more damage to your third target and beyond. 001d244f
3 AGI 10, LVL 50 In V.A.T.S. you instantly do a Critical Hit against your fourth target and beyond. 001d245c

This perk causes each shot on targets after the initial target to do additional damage, but only applies to a new target in V.A.T.S. Additional shots at the first target to not count towards the chain. At rank 3, every target from the fourth and beyond will be an automatic critical hit.

V.A.T.S. allows only 16 actions to be queued, potentially allowing for 13 critical hits to be delivered. These critical hits do not count towards refilling the critical meter, however.

Settlement turrets and grenades/mines (enemy or player character thrown) count towards targets in the chain.

This perk stacks very well with the Better Criticals perk, as well as the Penetrator perk.

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