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Growing Up Fast is a Fallout 3 quest. As part of this quest, you gain the Vault 101 Citizenship Award which is an achievement for the Xbox 360 and PC, and a bronze trophy on the PlayStation 3 and is guaranteed to be your first achievement in the game.


Have a present

This quest begins immediately after the Baby Steps quest, though it occurs in 2268, at the player character's 10th birthday party. The player will be congratulated and be given a Pip-Boy 3000.

Enjoy your party

  • Talk with Stanley
  • Talk with Beatrice
    • Text Choice: Any throughout conversation.
      • Receive: A Birthday Poem (viewable in the Notes section of your Pip-Boy 3000)

The player is to speak with the guests to advance the plot. There are really only two that must be spoken with, however. Amata will more than likely be the first to speak with the player, with three different dialogue options. Regardless of which option is picked, she will give the player the comic "Grognak the Barbarian issue #14." Old Lady Palmer will give the player a sweetroll. Optionally, Stanley, the one responsible for setting the player up with the Pip-Boy 3000, is also to be spoken to. If asked if the Pip-Boy is the only present, he will give the player a kid's baseball cap.

After Old Lady Palmer has been spoken with, Andy, a Mister Handy robot, will try to cut the cake, but will accidentally destroy it instead. This will agitate Butch DeLoria, and he will demand the player's sweetroll. Various dialogue options exist at this point. Most of the time, Butch will end up attacking the player (although you can't fight back), particularly if the sweetroll is not given. Officer Gomez will eventually break up the fight. The situation may be explained to him if this happens. One scenario to note: if the sweetroll was eaten, and the player calmly explains this to him, he will just sit back down. Also, if the sweetroll was dropped, Butch will sit back down and you can get the sweetroll from where you left it. Regardless of what goes down, Amata will approach the player to see what Butch's outburst was about, and Dad will also ask what happened if he is spoken to.

Shortly after this, Dad will get up and go to the intercom, where he converses with someone over it. He will at this point direct the player to go down to the reactor room for a surprise he and Jonas have been working on.

Armed and In Charge

  • Go down to reactor room
  • Shoot the 3 targets
  • Kill the radroach

The latest objective is to meet Jonas in the reactor room. Head out the door Dad just opened and turn right; Beatrice will more than likely speak with the player on the way there. She'll give the player a poem which can be read in the "Notes" section of the Pip-Boy 3000.

Turn left at the "reactor" sign head down the hall and turn right. Go down the stairs and enter the room. Talk to Jonas, and he'll direct you to see Dad, who is just coming down the stairs. When he speaks to you, he'll give you a BB gun. A new objective pops up at this point. Head through the nearby door, and shoot all three targets with the BB gun.

After each target has been shot once, a radroach will come wandering into the area. The player is tasked to kill it with their new BB gun. After this, Dad wants to capture the moment, and asks Jonas to take a picture. Simply stand next to him at this point to complete the quest. After the "Six Years Later" transition, you are tossed into the Future Imperfect quest.

Quest stages

10 Enjoy the party and speak with the guests.
20 Meet Jonas on the Reactor Level.
30 Shoot all three targets with the BB Gun.
40 Use the BB Gun to kill the Radroach.
50Quest finishedIcon checkStand next to Dad so Jonas can take the picture.


  • You do not have to read your birthday present, Grognak the Barbarian, right away. It will be in the dresser in your room along with the Vault 101 utility jumpsuit when Escape! begins. This is generally advisable so that you may read it after receiving the perk Comprehension which will double its effect.
  • During your birthday, you can hear the young Tunnel Snakes talking about their gang, having Wally Mack and Butch argue about the gang's name. Wally replies in one point "You and your snakes and rats" as if the name couldn't be the Tunnel Snakes, but this seems to happen after all. The name "Vault Dwellers" is also suggested and immediately shot down by Butch, who says "Who wants to go around all day being called a Vault Dweller...". The main character from Fallout is referred to as "the Vault Dweller" throughout Fallout 2 and Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel.
  • Instead of heading downstairs to meet with Jonas, you can head straight forward up the stairs to witness a conversation between Officer Kendall and the Overseer, where the latter states what he really thinks of your party, saying "Bah, I only came because Amata's friends with the brat." Kendall can be pickpocketed for two stimpaks with no Karma loss.
  • You find out that your Pip-Boy is a 3000a model; one of the older models, but "reliable" (as Stanley calls it) or just a "piece of junk" (as Wally Mack calls it). It's able to link up with the Stealth Boy 3001 model. Stanley reckons you could "drop a bomb on it and it would still work", then corrects himself by stating "as a matter of fact, I know you could".
  • If the player runs out of BB's, his/her father will resupply him/her with 30 new BBs if spoken to. This also works if the ammunition is dropped, allowing for it to be picked it up again afterward to gain a theoretically unlimited amount of BB's. Regardless of this, there will still only be 50 BB pellets during the Escape! quest.
  • Along with "Clear Project Purity of any remaining Mutant Threat" in the quest The Waters of Life, this appears to be one of only two quests which prevents the player from completing Fallout without killing anyone. Once the character has been given the BB gun, it is impossible to leave the reactor room area (since the top door has a "Very Hard" lock), and it is impossible to drop the BB gun. Although it is possible to complain to dad that you "didn't want a stupid BB gun" and to say of killing the radroach "I can't do it!", eventually Jonas will not enter dialog and the only options with dad are to ask for more ammunition or to end the conversation.
  • It is possible to avoid getting A Birthday Poem from Beatrice.
  • Jonas still manages to take a picture of you and your father after you've shot him unconscious with your BB gun.

Transition quotes

  • "These experiments are a waste of time!" - The Overseer
  • "Don't be a damn fool, the experiments are prepared. Prepared and they are just fine, and they are running smoothly sir." - Dad
  • "Oh look it's the teacher's pet. Gonna cry? Awwwww" - Butch


  • ps3Icon ps3 It is possible that you will receive the Pip-Boy yet not the Vault 101 Citizenship Award trophy.
  • pcIcon pc After shooting the three targets, when the radroach appears the game may crash while James is speaking to you. This can be fixed by restoring the action mapping to its default keys.

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