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The Greentop Nursery is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287 and is a possible settlement.


It is a possible settlement, containing a main house, a greenhouse, and a makeshift bed area.

The Sole Survivor can receive a quest to help Greentop Nursery, from Preston Garvey or can receive the quest automatically upon entering the site for the first time, where an unnamed settler will ask the Sole Survivor for help. The quest is random (but local). It may be level dependent.


Contains a very large greenhouse at the bottom of a hill (to the north), and a medium sized house similar to the ones in Sanctuary at the top of the hill, with a makeshift bedroom off to the right side.

The site contains a chemistry station and cooking station just outside the front door of the main house to the right.

Related questsEdit


  • To the south of Greentop Nursery, towards Malden Middle School, you can find a crashed car with a Jangles the Moon Monkey inside the car. Taking it will cause a super mutant behemoth to spawn nearby. This is possibly a reference to a similar scenario in Fallout 3.
  • You can get electrical cables through parts with broken glass of the greenhouse in case you wish to hide your generators inside the greenhouse and use them to power the turrets and lights you put on top of it.
  • Traveling Provisioners may end up passing through the Super Mutant occupied Breakheart Banks immediately north of the settlement, resulting in combat. Since Provisioners are settlement allies, the combat may cause the settlers to rush over to help, resulting in a large firefight.


The Greentop Nursery only appears in Fallout 4.

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