PV13The following is based on pre-release information for the canceled online game codenamed Project V13 and is not considered canon.
He's full of so much gook there should be a special name for it. Greeble Gook? Does a bear Greeble in the woods?J. Hardy Murphy

Greeble is someone J. Hardy Murphy hates.


Greeble is one of the survivors of a catastrophe the hit Murphy's hometown. Greeble is hated by Murphy because he likes to make fun of him, Murphy plans to stop this by making him proud. Greeble claims that the Forced Evolutionary Virus has mutated some trees to such an extent that the branches move and have become lethally poisonous, but according to Murphy he is not particularly reliable, especially when he says it's the "real-deal truth".


Greeble is mentioned in the short stories Murphy's Law in The Armageddon Rag, Vol. 3 and J. Hardy and the Death Blankey in The Armageddon Rag, Vol. 4.