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The Great Khan supply caves are three unmarked locations in the Mojave Wasteland, two of which entries are located almost directly north of Bitter Springs, with the third entry located to the northwest. The three caves are involved in two quests for Captain Gilles, namely Climb Ev'ry Mountain and No, Not Much.

Irradiated supply cave

This cave is found at the north edge of Bitter Springs, to the left of the path leading up into the mountains behind the camp.

  • The cave is irradiated due to the radioactive waste barrels located inside. Giant ants inhabit the main chamber, with four giant soldier ants and three giant worker ants present. The radioactive supply cache is located at the back of the cave behind a broken fence.

Night stalker den supply cave

This cave is north of Bitter Springs, at the end of the path which leads up into the mountains behind the camp.

  • The cave consists of a large open room containing the bloody remains of kills made by the night stalker inhabitants, and a small passageway leading to a locked gate (Lockpick 25), behind which are two ammunition boxes and a Great Khan supply cache. When the player approaches the passageway to the supply cache, the night stalkers waiting there will rush out into the main cave area.

Oscar Velasco's supply cave

This cave is located to the northwest of Bitter Springs. From the bottom of the mountain path behind Bitter Springs, face west and head into the mountains. By staying close to the incline on the right, and climbing up whenever possible, the player will come to a narrow path near the top of the mountain. The cave entrance is along this path, to the right.

  • The cave is home to Oscar Velasco as part of the quest Climb Ev'ry Mountain, and contains a Great Khan supply cache and minor loot behind a locked gate (Lockpick 25) just along the passage to the left of the entrance.
    • There are two passages to the main chamber where Velasco is camped. Taking the direct path straight from the entrance will result in him noticing the player and initiating dialogue. The side path to the right has a bear trap and then several mines. The mines are not armed if the player is on good terms with the Great Khans, and if Climb Ev'ry Mountain is resolved peacefully the mines will not be marked as owned.


  • The key to the locked gates in both Oscar Velasco's cave and the night stalker cave can be obtained from Velasco, either though dialogue or from his corpse.


The Great Khan supply caves appear in Fallout: New Vegas.

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