If you're listening to this tape then my brains are splattered all over a wall somewhere and you've got a job to do.Grady's voice on holotape

Grady's Package is an unmarked quest in Fallout 3 which can be done alongside the quest "Those!", but its reward is found at Girdershade, most in line with the Nuka-Cola Challenge.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Unmarked Quest: Grady's package
Find Grady's corpse and his last recording.
Take Grady's safe key from the fire hose case in the maintenance room.
Follow the tunnels to the Easy locked door.
Open the door with a science or lockpick check and open the safe inside.
Take the Naughty nightwear.
Talk to Lug-Nut.
Pass a speech check to keep the naughty nightwear.
Kill him for it.
Keep the naughty nightwear.
Sell it to Ronald Laren.
Reward: Naughty nightwear
Reward: 100–300 caps

Detailed walkthroughEdit

The quest may begin with the corpse of Grady, located inside Marigold station in the first mezzanine, though you can complete the quest without finding Grady's corpse, so long as you find Grady's safe key inside the firehose case in the maintenance room or pick the lock on the safe.

When you enter the Marigold station, follow the passage until you get to a big hall. There is a small manager's booth (A). Inside is Grady's skeleton next to a holotape, Grady's last recording, which explains how to find the package.

Downstairs from here, there should be two tunnels on the east side next to each other. Follow the right one and open the first door on your right. If you have not yet completed the quest Those!, then you should encounter several fire ants on your way. In the first room, there is a door to a maintenance closet, which contains a firehose. Grady's safe key is inside the firehose box (B).

Continue through the passageway until you once again reach the main tunnels and take a left, then a right. In this next tunnel, turn left and head down the righthand side of the train. You will come to a rotating light and an Easy locked door. You can lockpick the door or use the terminal. Inside the room is the safe (alongside other items such as a Ripper). The safe contains the naughty nightwear (C).

Naughty nightwear

Once you grab the naughty nightwear, a non-player character called Lug-Nut will approach you and demand that you give it to him. He leaves with the nightwear if you don't pass a speech check, but it is possible to kill him to get it back. If you choose to give the nightwear to Lug-Nut and then loot it off his corpse after you've killed him, it will have been fully repaired. Alternately, you can Mezz him before he takes it and get 250 caps when you return to Paradise Falls.


The reward for this quest is the naughty nightwear or, if you return it to Ronald Laren in Girdershade, he will reward you with 200 caps, or 300 if you pass a speech check. You do not gain positive Karma if the speech check is successful.

  • You can attempt the speech check for the 300 caps, and if it fails, you can still receive the good Karma along with the 200 caps that comes from selecting the "Sure, here you go" option afterwards.


  • If your speech is high enough, you can convince Lug-Nut that great damage will be inflicted upon him if he persists.
  • In the quest The Nuka-Cola Challenge, you meet Sierra Petrovita, and in the dialogue with her, she mentions that Ronald Laren protects her. In one of these instances, he told off two raiders and punched one in the face whose name is "Lug-Nut." If you have already found Grady's last recording, you can ask Sierra if she knows Grady, though she says she doesn't.
  • If you used the Black Widow dialogue option to have Ronald Laren pick up the Nuka-Cola Quantums, you will not be able to deliver the package to him, since he will immediately run off to the Nuka-Cola plant and refuse to speak with you if you try to talk to him.


  • ps3Icon ps3 xbox360Icon xbox360 It is possible that, after selling the naughty nightwear to Ronald Laren in Girdershade, it will not be on his person. This may occur if wearing the naughty nightwear when the exchange is made, or possibly because the naughty nightwear was fully repaired before handing it to him. [verified]
  • pcIcon pc xbox360Icon xbox360 It is possible to spawn a second naughty nightwear. After getting the naughty nightwear out of the safe and leaving the safe item menu, Lug-Nut will spawn. Before he gets to the player, you can put the naughty nightwear back into the safe. The player will still get the dialogue option to turn over the suit to Lug-Nut. You can then retrieve the suit from the safe or kill Lug-Nut to retrieve a 2nd suit. Also, the suit retrieved from Lug-Nut will be fully repaired and the one still in the safe will be damaged.[verified]