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The Gorski cabin is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


This cabin was the home of one Wayne Gorski before the Great War. Having taken the construction of an electrical tower near his residence as a personal offense[1], he decided to build a mini nuke to raze it to the ground.


The Gorski cabin is a single isolated house with a large patio. Its exterior is populated by 3-5 feral ghouls. The main cabin contains a chemistry station. There is a root cellar accessible via this main room.

The root cellar is an unfinished room that's stocked with some supplies and a weapons workbench. Following a short tunnel towards the back, there is a finished room that's highly irradiated containing the ghoul, Wayne Gorski. There is also a Novice difficulty terminal in the same room, with a bottlecap mine next to it. The workbench behind Gorski has a number of mini nuke pieces which can be broken down into five units of nuclear material.

Notable lootEdit


If Codsworth is with you as a companion when in Wayne Gorski's root cellar workshop he will quip, "That's one do-it-yourself project I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole."


The Gorski cabin only appears in Fallout 4.



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