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The Goodsprings schoolhouse is an abandoned schoolhouse located in the town of Goodsprings.



The Goodsprings school is surrounded by a broken fence and has two entrances, the front entrance and the side entrance near the tree stump. Near the east entrance two xander root plants grow near the tree stump (a third is added along with two giant mantis nymphs during the quest By a Campfire on the Trail).


There are five giant mantis nymphs inhabiting the building. There are also a pair of mantis ootheca (egg sacks) which may spawn more mantis nymphs if shot and destroyed. The school house itself is filled with toppled desks, lockers, and assorted debris. In the back of the school there is a long counter on which is a footlocker, ammunition box, and a terminal (Easy). On the floor near the terminal is a safe (Easy). The safe can be opened via lockpicking it or hacking the terminal.

Notable loot


  • Talk to Sunny Smiles about work in Goodsprings. She will tell you there is no work available but will suggest that you loot the safe at the schoolhouse and offer you some bobby pins and a copy of Locksmith's Reader Magazine to help pick the lock.
  • The lockers and desks are not safe to store items in, however the safe and metal boxes do not reset to area defaults.
  • In the school house if the lock is picked on the safe then the terminal next to it automatically becomes a broken terminal, meaning if you want the XP from both you need to hack the computer first (don't select Disengage Lock) and then pick the lock.
  • The schoolhouse exterior will have giant mantis nymphs present during By a Campfire on the Trail. They do not respawn.
  • An additional xander root is permanently added to the existing two outside the school house during By a Campfire on the Trail providing a total of three that can be harvested.


The Goodsprings schoolhouse only appears in Fallout: New Vegas.

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