I was out for a stroll that night when I heard the commotion up at the old bone orchard. Saw what looked like a bunch of bad eggs, so I laid low.Victor

Goodsprings Cemetery is a graveyard located northeast of Goodsprings.


The cemetery consists of 29 graves (5 of which can be exhumed), some makeshift fencing which marks the cemetery border, and a large water tower that stands as a visual landmark at its northern most edge. The grave site meant for the burial of the Courier is located at the north side of the cemetery.

Located at the back of the graveyard near the water tower are warning signs reading "Keep Out." The signs are referring to the valley below to the east, a dangerous area prolific with giant radscorpions.

Another dangerous area is the road to the west of the cemetery that leads north out of town towards the Tribal Village. Many cazadores can be found on the road. At various points along the road their nests can be clearly seen attached to the rock-faces above.

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  • If the Courier purchases a shovel at the general store or grabs the one at Goodsprings source, they can exhume the graves for random loot.
  • Goodsprings Cemetery is one of the four Goodsprings locations (the others being Goodsprings, Goodsprings source and Goodsprings Cave) that make up the tutorial area. The tutorial boundary exists whether or not the Courier accepts Sunny Smiles' offer of training.
  • The cemetery's lone broc flower only spawns after initiating the tutorial quest: By a Campfire on the Trail. Four non-respawning bloatflies will appear as well.
  • When standing near an exhumed grave, you can hear a ghostly whisper.


Goodsprings Cemetery appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.