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Goodsprings is a town in the Mojave Wasteland in 2281.

It is where the Courier recovers after being shot in the head and robbed of the platinum chip by Benny, and being subsequently rescued by Victor. The Courier survives the gunshot after being "patched up" in Doc Mitchell's house.


Goodsprings is a small, struggling wasteland town that has been a mining community since the early days of Nevada's U.S. history. There are only a dozen or so people still in the town due to trade along the Long 15 drying up. Signs along the highway direct people to Goodsprings, but they do the town little good if no one is on the highway to read them.[1]

The town has never been that populous to begin with, and the troubles with deathclaws, raiders, and Powder Gangers haven't made it any more appealing to newcomers. A few folks have holed up in town to wait things out and hope for the best, but overall Goodsprings is a quiet, "sleepy" town. It could almost be considered a ghost town, if it were not for these few odd settlers attempting to eke out an existence among the ruined ranch homes.

The residents of the town come to the Courier's aid after a securitron named Victor witnessed the Courier's shooting and burial over by the cemetery. Local activities include going to the spring (Goodsprings source), hunting geckos, mole rats, and coyotes, and loafing around in the Prospector Saloon.[1]


Doc Mitchell's house is located in the western portion of town. The player begins their journey here, after being in Doc Mitchell's care for several days. The Prospector Saloon and Goodsprings General Store with a Mojave Express dropbox located outside are situated at the northeast end of town. Several settlers live in the town's houses, and farm bighorners.

There are several locations in Goodsprings which can be used for safe storage. Everything in Doc Mitchell's house is considered unowned, except the beds. Victor's shack is also considered unowned, but has few storage containers. The house due south of the saloon is quite convenient as it is close to the fast travel point. It has open beds and safe containers. Easy Pete sleeps there nightly, and a settler may wander in, but one bed is usually free to sleep in. Finally, the crates between the Saloon and General Store are unowned and situated conveniently close to the workbench.

Goodsprings contains an abandoned schoolhouse with some low level loot and a Stealth Boy. An abandoned gas station west of Doc Mitchell's home contains some minor loot and can be used as a safehouse if needed, as it contains a bed and some safe storage. The gas station is locked until the Courier is sent there to meet with Ringo.



Notable lootEdit

Skill magazinesEdit

Skill magazine Location
Boxing Times
  • In the gas station where you first meet Ringo, on the middle shelf of the second set of shelves from the left.
Fixin' Things
  • In the Prospector Saloon, on the counter in front of the main entrance.
  • In a broken bathroom sink inside one of the Goodsprings homes (from the Saloon, head west towards the gas station, turn left at the rusted truck, first house on the left).
Lad's Life
  • Inside the first house to the north-east of Doc Mitchell's house, sitting on a step ladder.
  • Goodsprings schoolhouse, on the floor near the middle of the room next to the large group of ruined desks.
  • Goodsprings Cave - Held by a dead female wastelander, near a duffle bag at the back of the cave.
  • Goodsprings Cemetery - Just east of the water tower down the hill where a lot of radscorpions hang out, near a dead mercenary.
Locksmith's Reader
  • Prospector Saloon, given to you by Sunny Smiles if asked for work.
Meeting People
  • Prospector Saloon, on a Sunset Sarsaparilla crate near the side door closest to the entrance.
  • In the metal camper trailer directly north of the Prospector Saloon under the shelf.
  • Goodsprings schoolhouse, on the floor near the safe by the ruined school desk.
Programmer's Digest
Salesman Weekly
  • On the bottom shelf of the bookcase, on the left side of the Goodsprings general store interior.
  • Goodsprings schoolhouse, in the back on the right of the wall with the chalkboard.
  • Prospector Saloon, in the small office on a crate next to the door.
Today's Physician
  • On the desk directly in front of the player when you first wake up with Doc Mitchell.

Related questsEdit


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Narrated by Doc Mitchell

# Slide Voice-over narration In-game condition
Goodsprings end slide 02
Travelers continued to stop by Goodsprings Source for water on the Long 15, but rarely would anyone venture into the ruins of Goodsprings itself. Those who did were almost always tourists, come to visit the graveyard where the Courier "rose from the dead." Kill the people of Goodsprings or complete Run Goodsprings Run.
Goodsprings end slide 02
Goodsprings saw more trade along I-15 after NCR gained control of the Mojave Wasteland, but with that came a heavy burden of the Republic's taxes. Some old-timers, unable to handle the cost, were forced to move on, grumbling all the while. Complete Ghost Town Gunfight, complete the endgame quest Eureka! for the NCR.
Goodsprings end slide 02
The Legion, preoccupied with its acquisition of New Vegas, scarcely took notice of the town of Goodsprings. Many locals moved on, fearful of Caesar's long shadow. Only the old and the stubborn remained. Complete Ghost Town Gunfight, complete the endgame quest Veni, Vidi, Vici for Caesar's Legion.
Goodsprings end slide 02
After Mr. House gained control of New Vegas, he sent a Securitron to Goodsprings as a token of appreciation for helping the Courier. Victor was a mixed blessing, however, as he continually monitored the town for Mr. House. Complete Ghost Town Gunfight, complete the endgame quest All or Nothing for Mr. House.
Goodsprings end slide 02
With New Vegas' independence formally declared, Goodsprings thrived. More travelers stopped by Goodsprings on their way to and from the Strip, and the locals grew prosperous from the traffic. Complete Ghost Town Gunfight, complete the endgame quest No Gods, No Masters for an Independent Vegas.


  • As the starting location for the player, the Goodsprings area and related quests offer examples of all the non-combat skill-based checks found in the game: Barter 20 (Trudy); Barter 25 (Chet); Explosives 25 (Easy Pete); Medicine 30 (Doc); Repair 20 (Trudy's); Repair 25 (Doc's); Science 25 (Victor, Doc's, Trudy's, schoolhouse); Sneak 25 (Trudy); Speech 20 (Joe Cobb); Speech 25 (Chet, Trudy); Speech 30 (Doc); and Lockpick 75 (Trudy's safe, which can also be opened via terminal. There are several other locks that have a lower Lockpick skill requirement).
  • The town of Goodsprings is one of the three Goodsprings locations (the others being Goodsprings source and Goodsprings Cemetery) that make up the tutorial area. The tutorial boundary exists whether or not the player accepts Sunny Smiles' offer of her training. The first time, only, that the player leaves the tutorial area, there will be an opportunity to rebuild the Courier character, including S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats and all perks. It is possible with a build of, for example, STR 6, PER 3, END 1, CHR 10, INT 10, AGI 3, LCK 7, tagging Barter, Explosives, Lockpick, and taking the Good Natured perk to pass every one of the basic skill checks offered in the town and complete Ghost Town Gunfight before rebuilding the Courier in a completely different way upon leaving town.
  • Once you clear the town, it is basically safe from hostile creatures. Some bark scorpions from Goodsprings Cemetery may still wander in, though, and a few geckos will routinely spawn at Goodsprings Source.
  • The state flag of Nevada flies above the entrance to Doc Mitchell's house. It is the only instance of an animated Nevada state flag in the game, and it's one of the few instances of the flag in-game (another being the state border sign found in Nipton).
  • According to a front page newspaper story, a kind doctor was murdered in the town before the Great War, shocking the citizens.
  • There are crates marked with three X's located near the Goodsprings General Store that can be relocated and used as permanent storage containers. The original content of the crates never respawns, so any items placed inside them will be safe. Note that some of the crates are "owned" and removing previously placed items from them is considered stealing. There are, however, four neutral crates that can be used without any adverse effects.
  • There is a trailer behind Chet's store that contains two crates and a bed. Anything placed in the crates will stay there indefinitely. Sometimes, Easy Pete may be sleeping there, but it's usually available for sleeping.


Goodsprings appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenesEdit

Goodsprings is based on the real-life location of the same name.[2] Several landmarks, such as the saloon, store, schoolhouse, cemetery, and windmill are all present in real-life and reproduced with a decent degree of accuracy in-game.


pcIcon pc xbox360Icon xbox360 Sometimes if you fast travel from Goodsprings to the Goodsprings source, the game will crash. (This bug only seems to start happening after you complete Ghost Town Gunfight and always happens the next time you try to do so after doing said mission.) [verified]



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