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Fallout 3 locations project
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Girdershade is a small settlement under a broken highway overpass, with only two inhabitants and a brahmin. It is located in the far southwest of Washington, D.C., southwest of Evergreen Mills.


This small settlement is inhabited by only 2 people. Sierra Petrovita, a Nuka-Cola addict, who uses her home as a place to collect Nuka-Cola merchandise and memorabilia and Ronald Laren, the other inhabitant, who is only staying in Girdershade because of his crush on Sierra.

Girdershade consists of two houses under a damaged highway overpass, and has some minor barriers in place.



Related quests


  • A random encounter of a scavenger offering the player a Nuka-Cola Quantum will mark Girdershade on their map if it hasn't been discovered yet. The scavenger will mark it regardless if whether or not the player purchases the Quantum from him.
  • After Waters of Life is completed, an Enclave camp consisting of one Enclave officer, two Enclave soldiers, and two Enclave deathclaws will appear north of the settlement. Occasionally, an Enclave soldier will wander into the perimeter of Girdershade, but will only spawn when the player exits Ronald's or Sierra's house.
  • If the player has the Quantum Chemist perk, Sierra's house is a great place to pick up Nuka-Cola.
  • Care should be taken when fast traveling to Girdershade, as various Wasteland creatures, (such as, at higher levels, yao guai or radscorpions), have a habit of wandering into the settlement.
  • Talking to Sierra and Ronald will provide the player with map markers for Evergreen Mills, the Dunwich Building, and the Nuka-Cola plant.
  • Enclave sentry bots from the nearby camp may follow the player into one of the houses and may kill the resident.


Girdershade appears only in Fallout 3.


  • pcIcon pc xbox360Icon xbox360 The brahmin in Girdershade is an exact copy of the one in Megaton; once encountered, the brahmin will attempt to "go back", via the most direct possible route, to Megaton.



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