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Flag of Germany

The pre-War flag of Germany.

Germany was a pre-War European country. After World War II, the country was divided into two states, East Germany and West Germany. By 2060, as the European Commonwealth dissolved, the country fell into disarray, bickering and quarreling with its neighbors over the last few remaining resources on Earth.

Country of origin of the creators of the renowned PPK12 Gauss pistol, M72 Gauss rifle, MP9 10mm SMG and the Vindicator minigun.

Little is known about the country in-game, outside the above references, although the presence of Gauss rifles in mainland United States in copious amounts, as well as the employment of a strikingly similar weapon system by the Chinese, implies the Germans had equal opportunity business deals with both sides of the Great War.

Vault-Tec scientist Stanislaus Braun was from Kronach, a town in Bavaria, Germany.


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