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The Germantown Police HQ terminal entries are a series of terminal entries found on terminals within the Germantown Police HQ in Fallout 3.

911 terminals Edit

Terminal are located on the Ground Floor, in a large computer room in the East.

911 call log 1Edit


911 Dispatcher: 911, Your call is being recorded, what's your emergency?

Man: (screaming) Fire! There's a fire! My house is on fire!

911 Dispatcher: Sir please try to stay calm, I'm going to connect you to the Fire Department.

Man: Please hurry! Please hurry!


Dispatcher: Germantown Fire Department, please state your emergency.

Man: My house is burning to the ground, please send help!

Dispatcher: Just to confirm, your address is 1664 Clem Ave?

Man: Yes, hurry!

Dispatcher: Alright sir, the trucks have been sent, is there anyone still in the house?

Man: Thank you, no everyone is safe and on the lawn (short pause) I think I hear them now. Thank you, goodbye.

Dispatcher: Just try to remain a safe distance away from the house until they get there.

Call Terminated: Dispatch

911 call log 2Edit


911 Dispatcher: 911, What is the nature of your emergency?

Man: (Excitedly) the wings on my shoes have shrunk and now the moths won't eat my kidneys! When I shake my state capitol it only yields three fairy napkins but how... (interrupted)

911 Dispatcher: Could you please repeat that sir?

Man: (Continuing) my banana slippers are like water boats because when the moon winks sometimes it burns my hamster punches... (interrupted)

911 Dispatcher: Alright sir, just remain where you are, I'm sending help.

Man: (continuing) and that's how you get to llama school!

Call Terminated: Dispatch

911 call log 3Edit


911 Dispatcher: 911, Do you have an emergency?

Woman: Please help me, I think there is someone outside, I heard a noise and it looks like someone is out there.

911 Dispatcher: Remain calm. I'm sending a squad car over, may I please have your name and address for confirmation

Woman: (sound of glass breaking) I think he's in the house now! Please send help oh my god.. I think I hear him!

911 Dispatcher: Ma'am I've dispatched a squad car it should arrive within minutes try (interrupted)

Woman: (sounds of a scuffle)

Man: Sorry for the scare, my wife just (muffled scream) forgot to take her pills this morning everything is ok. (long pause) No need for that squad car either. Have a nice day. (hangs up)

Call Terminated: Caller

Lockdown terminalEdit

This Hard locked terminal is located West on the top floor, in the area with the jail cells.

<Data Corrupt>Edit



Emergency Cell ReleaseEdit



<Data Corrupt>Edit



Police station terminalEdit

This Hard locked terminal is located in a room on the top floor, in the West near the headquarters exit and south of the jail cells.

<Data Corrupt>Edit



<Data Corrupt>Edit



Unlock Contraband ClosetEdit


Door Unlocked

Impound Information Edit

This Hard locked terminal is located in a West room on the top floor, near the headquarters exit.

<Data Corrupt>Edit

  • K!9Bfh6sK#J44H$f

Case 43027Edit


Department: Recovery

Vehicle ID: 87463520-34578-C237

Owner: Faye, Danielle

Abandoned Car
Other, Not Yet Determined

Note(s): Car found along highway with burnt out engine. It appears to have been stolen and taken on a joyride, and matches descriptions of cars in a variety of recent, out-of-state traffic-offenses.

When recovered, car's contents included:
two pairs of pliers, one Canadian flag, assorted theatrical costumes, 4 bottles of tequila (empty), one pool cue (broken), and four garden gnomes, strapped to front bumper.

Owner reported car stolen four days prior, but her story has many inconsistencies. Bring Miss Faye in for further questioning.


Miss Danielle Faye

Case 45602Edit


Department: Impound

Vehicle ID: 16598325-64178-A366

Owner: Wilkins, Jenny

4 Parking Tckets <Unpaid>

During tow, perp entered into a screaming match with the driver claiming presence of an infant in the vehicle. Upon further inspection after the tow, her baby was indeed in the back seat. We've since moved the child into the lost and found and are holding it until Ms Wilkins pays impound fines and retrieves her automobile.


Ms. Jennifer Wilkins

<Data Corrupt>Edit




This Easy locked terminal is located in a south room on a desk on the top floor. It opens the nearby safe.


SoftLock Solutions, Inc.
"Your Security is Our Security"
>/ Welcome, USER

Disengage LockEdit


> Clearance granted, Unlocking...

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