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Generators are the primary workshop item for power in a settlement.

Primary needsEdit

Generators are required to provide electricity to power objects such as lights, turrets, and water purifiers. Crafting them provides power, which can then be transferred to objects by connecting them with wires.


Name Production PowerIcon electrical Crafting Repair Base ID
Windmill 3 Electricity 15 Steel, 4 Copper, 10 Aluminum, 2 Gear 00239530
Small generator 3 Electricity 4 Steel, 2 Copper, 2 Gear, 2 Rubber, 1 Ceramic 00030386
Medium generator 5 Electricity 7 Steel, 3 Copper, 3 Gear, 3 Rubber, 1 Ceramic, 3 Screw 00058837
Large generator 10 Electricity 12 Aluminum, 10 Copper, 6 Gear, 4 Rubber, 1 Ceramic, 5 Screw, 3 Nuclear material 0011e2c5
Fusion generator fo4wwGametitle-FO4 WW 100 Electricity 12 Gear, 10 Screw, 20 Copper, 25 Aluminum, 12 Nuclear material, 2 Rubber, 8 Crystal 00000000
Vault-Tec reactor fo4vwGametitle-FO4 VW 150 Electricity 15 Aluminum, 10 Copper, 6 Gear, 15 Rubber, 10 Ceramic, 40 Nuclear material, 15 Steel 00000000
Vault-Tec super-reactor fo4vwGametitle-FO4 VW 500 Electricity 30 Steel, 30 Rubber, 100 Nuclear material, 15 Ceramic, 20 Copper, 30 Aluminum 00000000


  • Large generators cannot be built under a roof meaning the barn structures or building something tall to fit it.
  • A windmill produces power and does not make any noise, but is noticeably more expensive in the power-to-cost ratio.
  • If several generators are attached to a single power pylon, the power value of that pylon would be the sum of the powers produced by the generators.


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