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The General Atomics factory terminal entries are a series of entries found on two terminals in the General Atomics factory in Fallout 4.

Receptionist terminalEdit


Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink
General Atomics Factory - Access Terminal
General Atomics Factory
<User Login- Secretary03>



General Atomics Factory System

Reminder, Attn. Ms. HayesEdit


With the launch of the new Ms. Nanny model, customers will be attempting to bring defective units to the factory for repairs. In this situation, please gently remind the customer that our warranty program agreement states that the defective units must be shipped through the proper channels before being accepted for repairs. Customers may be frustrated, but assure them that customer satisfaction is the absolute priority of General Atomics.
Also, take this opportunity to tell them about our new quality assurance wing that will minimize the amount of defective units that leave the factor floor in the first place.
As a receptionist, you are the first face any of our clients see. Make sure it is a friendly one.

Coffee preferencesEdit


Taking this down so I don't screw this up next time.

Mr. Kincaid - Cappuccino, extra foam, no sugar
Mr. Smidt - Latte, Skim Milk, Three Spoonfuls of sugar
Mr. Nook - Black coffee, absolutely no sugar or milk
Mrs. Calhoun - Coffee with two packets of half and half, one sugar



Upcoming events:

---Monday, October 25th 3pm - General Atomics board of investors factory tour

---Tuesday, October 26th 9am - Factory Technician Team Meeting

---Tuesday, October 26th 5pm - Factory Employee ice cream social

Kincaid's terminalEdit


General Atomics Factory
<User Login- Kincaid>

Personal LogsEdit

Job AssignmentEdit


Congratulations on your promotion, Mr. Kincaid! We hope your transition from the Factory goes smoothly.

As the on-site human supervisor of the General Atomics Galleria, you will be helping to pioneer a new shopping experience for the expanding General Atomics customer base.

We assure you that this will be a comfortable job and require very little effort or stress on your part. Your responsibility will be to simply observe the operations of the completely automated staff.

We expect very little intervention will be required on your part, as the robotic staff has undergone strenuous testing before being deployed there.

Thank you for your service to the company.

-General Atomics Corporate

Thanks for nothingEdit


I put in years of my life to keep this factory running and this is how they treat me?
I'm supposed to babysit a bunch of robots while they play shop?

This is ridiculous.

They don't think I can see what this really is? Ageism. I can still do my job as well as any 25 year-old, but they tell me "Mr. Kincaid, it's time to retire." "Mr. Kincaid, you should travel." "Mr. Kincaid, you should spend time with your family."

Well I don't want to do any of those things. I want to sit here and run this factory like I have been for years.

This job will kill me. I am literally going to be bored to death, and it will be their fault.