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Fallout 2PPK12 Gauss pistol
Fallout TacticsPPK12 Gauss pistol
Van BurenUnnamed Gauss pistol

Gauss pistols are hand-held weapons utilizing electromagnetic coils to propel metal slugs at extremely high velocities. They fire an incredibly small 2mm round at speeds just under the speed of light, tearing through just about any armor.


PPK12 Gauss pistolEdit

Fo2 Gauss Pistol
Gameplay articles: Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics

The PPK12 is a weapon of German design and the only type of Gauss pistol seen in the Fallout games. It has a very compact design, a very fast rate of fire but a ridiculous amount of recoil, unlike the more stable M72 Gauss rifle.

Unnamed Gauss pistolEdit

Gameplay article: Van Buren

An unnamed Gauss pistol was going to appear in Van Buren.