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What? You don't believe me? Just look in the basements! Or out in that shed! You'll see what I mean!

Old Man Harris

The garden shed is a small building located in the backyard of the Wilson's house in Andale.


The garden shed is used for the storage of human meat and the butchering of victims by the people of Andale.


The door to the shed is locked (very hard) and contains only one interior section. The inside contains three refrigerators filled with strange meat, multiple Rippers and some knives that are used in the processing of human bodies.

Skeletons of the Wilson family's prior victims are seen in cages, and three more hang upside down from their feet on chains.

Notable lootEdit

10 strange meat in each refrigerator.

Related questsEdit


Stealing the rippers or the shed key from the night stand will cause the player to lose Karma. If caught, the residents will turn hostile and attack.


The garden shed appears only in Fallout 3.

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