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For the garden gnome in Fallout 4, see Garden gnome (Far Harbor).

The garden gnome is one of three types of garden gnomes found in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.


Garden gnomes come in four sizes: large, normal, medium and tiny. They are useful only as Rock-It Launcher ammunition or as a decoration. Normal-sized gnomes are by far the most common and stand about 1.75 feet tall. Medium versions of both intact and damaged gnomes exist, and only stand about 6 inches high. Gnomes can sometimes be found interacting with teddy bears, aligned in certain positions, playing certain roles.



Fallout 3Edit

  • SatCom Array NN-03d
    • In the SatCom Array NN-03d-B tower there is a chess board with 16 miniature garden gnomes.
  • fo3tpGametitle-FO3 TP Abandoned apartments
    • 3 tiny damaged garden gnomes can be found on the terminal in the room with the Nuka-Cola vending machine.
  • fo3plGametitle-FO3 PL People's Bank of Point Lookout
    • In the People's Bank of Point Lookout, there is a gnome located in the bottom left deposit box. It is a miniature intact garden gnome holding a mini plunger in its left hand and standing next to a mini toilet.
  • fo3plGametitle-FO3 PL Flooded sinkhole
    • Above the Flooded sinkhole, there is a damaged garden gnome in a wooden crate watching a teddy bear "drown".
  • fo3bsGametitle-FO3 BS Presidential metro
    • Right before you get on the train it is taking a picture of two teddy bears tied on the railway line using spikes.
  • fo3bsGametitle-FO3 BS Olney Powerworks
    • In Old Olney underground, after emerging from the sewer, there is a gnome drinking, smoking, and watching TV in a bathtub while a bear waits for him with a briefcase across the room by the door.
  • fo3bsGametitle-FO3 BS S. Wilson Building
    • Tucked away behind some filing cabinets in the northwestern corner at the same level as the door to the Olney Powerworks entrance, there is a setup of a teddy bear "playing cards" with an intact garden gnome that is using metro tickets as cards.
  • fo3bsGametitle-FO3 BS Mobile base crawler
    • In a stall in the lower launch platform base, a damaged garden gnome was apparently cutting up meat with a deathclaw hand.
    • Also in the lower launch platform base there is a counter with a small gap down the center of it lengthwise and a red motor hanging above it. A garden gnome can be found in this gap, apparently bowling using a pool ball and 10 miniature milk bottles.
  • fo3mzGametitle-FO3 MZ Robot assembly
    • At the very end of the assembly line, at the top right corner of the map, on the other side of the electronics access panel.

Fallout: New VegasEdit

  • One can be found in the Black Mountain storage building. (This is the "Intact garden gnome".)
  • One in the Gomorrah suites. (This is the "Intact garden gnome".)


  • Dropping them after putting them into your inventory then picking them back up will revert them to their default size.
  • If you have one gnome in your inventory already, any others you pick up will automatically revert to default size.
  • If placed upside-down on their heads, garden gnomes will stay perfectly balanced on their own and remain upside down while hovering a short distance above the surface they are placed on.