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Garbled radio beacon is a radio station in the Commonwealth. The signal can be picked up after extending the satellites at relay tower 1DL-109.


The origin of the signal is a ham radio inside a cave near the UFO crash site. Inside is a hostile alien with a ham radio and a toolbox. Outside the cave is the alien's crashed UFO, indicating the alien was transmitting a distress signal, noted by the alien's "frantic" speech.

Notable lootEdit


The garbled radio beacon only starts broadcasting after reaching level 20.


  • The radio beacon may not start broadcasting at all.
  • If you kill the alien prior to extending the satellite, turning off the Ham radio will not make the signal go away from your Pip-Boy. This also happens if you had extended the satellite prior to the crash event.
  • If you turned off the Ham radio before extending the satellite then it's signal will not be marked as offline on satellite display but will not be listed on Pip-Boy radio tab.[platforms tag needed]

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