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Galaxy News Network
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productsTV and radio channels
countryUnited States
locationsGNR building plaza
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Galaxy News Network was a pre-War media corporation, that ran both a Galaxy News Radio station and a television channel.


The Galaxy News Radio headquarters was in Washington, D.C., while location of the headquarters of GNN's television network is unknown. It was a pro-government network that described the execution of a Canadian insurgent by United States soldiers in power armor as "Our dedicated boys keep the peace in newly annexed Canada." GNN's logo was a rocket going around a planet on an orbit.

The pre-War GNN news and advertisement were broadcast even after the War, probably by automated equipment.[1]

Galaxy News offered news through televised newsreels (as seen in the Fallout intro) and through radio stations such as Galaxy News Radio in Washington DC. It is unknown if their news was also made available in other media.

The Galaxy News Radio tower in Washington DC is now run by the DJ Three Dog, who plays tunes in the big band genre from the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s and announces news to the people of Capital Wasteland.


Behind the scenesEdit

The Galaxy News logo appears originally in the introductory movie for Fallout (the original game in the series). The popularity of Fallout (along with the distinctive style of the logo) led to the logo's adaptation into the brand symbol for Interplay, the original publisher of the game.


  1. According to Fallout intro

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